June 2nd, 2017
" Have patience with all things, but first of all with yourself."
                                                                        Saint Francis De Sales

  • The Snow Queen, as you know, was performed by our students on May 20th and 21st. It was a tremendous success because of the talent and hard-work of our students, and the support of our parents. Besides the amazing production, it brought to our community  the timeless message of the power of a pure heart.  There were two amazing performances and with the dual casting it felt like two totally different shows. The students came together as a team on both nights and created life-long memories. It is such an important experience for our students to develop public speaking (and singing), dancing and poise. Bravo, to all involved!
  • Gerry Davis has available in either a DVD format or a Video Stream format both performances. The cost of the DVD is $25 and the cost of the Video Stream is $10. All proceeds will go to the OLF Theatre Group. Gina O'Sullivan has pictures available on olfphotos.com
  • Sorry for the confusion around the Memorial Day Parade. Let's just say - it was a crazy day. First, I woke up at my home in Tarrytown with no internet and half the house without electricity. We called Conn Ed and I started driving toward Wilton for the parade. As I was driving, I received a call saying it was posted on Facebook that the Wilton Memorial Day Parade was canceled.  I called Adrian with this information and he started texting the families that had RSVP for the parade saying the parade had just been canceled. By the time I got back home, I received a call saying that the Wilton Police said the parade was still on. I decided it would be too confusing to start telling the families that had RSVP that we now thought the parade was on. Thank you to the families and students that came on their own and did march and as I said, just a crazy day and I hope my crazy day did not add to confusion for your family that day. Good news - power and internet was restored at home.
  • Wonderful news - as I have written about during the year until we increase our enrollment we will need to do additional fundraising each year. As I have told you, Something Special has announced that they will match up to $25,000 for any contribution to the Fatima Faith Fund given before June 21st.  If you have not yet made a contribution, please consider making a donation to the Fatima Faith Fund this year. Whatever you can give to the Fatima Faith Fund will be matched by Something Special and be of great help for our school. Thank you, Something Special Board members!
  • On Wednesday Evening, May 24th, we had our annual Sports Dinner. Coaches and players were recognized for their efforts throughout the year. It was a wonderful community event. I am always impressed and amazed by the commitment and effort of our parents to coach our young athletes.
  • Two weeks ago we had a successful Scholastic Book Fair. This was due to a number of important volunteers: Evaristo for his work setting-up, the 7th grade students who helped set up the display & repack the books & materials at the end of the Book Fair, Mrs. Edouard, Mrs. Patrick, Mrs. Roos & Mrs. Keide for their help with early morning and after school sales. Finally, a big thank you to Mrs. Carol Wiemer for organizing. We raised over $2,000 for our library and hopefully have given many students great books to keep reading over the summer.
  • Speaking of summer reading. I am a true believer in the simple truth that if your child develops the habit of reading for pleasure, regardless of the genre, he or she will become a strong reader. I once asked Dr. Gravity Goldberg, a nationally known speaker on Readers and Writer's Workshop, this question: Has she ever seen a student after grade four that walks around with a book, reading independently for pleasure, struggle with reading? She told me she had never met that student, and I told her I had not ever met that student either.
  • We have been blessed in many ways this year in our school. Mrs. Amber Pace would like to sponsor a service drive to help those less fortunate than we are. We are collecting toiletries for the Life Bridge Center in Bridgeport. The Life Bridge Center serves families  that are homeless or impacted by poverty. We are collecting a range of toiletry items such as tooth paste, tooth brushes, soaps and wash cloths. There will be collection boxes in the main lobby and the drive will last until June 16th. Thanks, to Amber Pace for bringing this great idea to us.
  • Did you know that last week on Thursday there was a wedding in Pre-K? The letter "Q" married the letter "U" because "they always go together." There were fancy dresses, cake and even a wedding ceremony. It is a lesson that these students will never forget.
  • All FACTS accounts will be finalized on June 1st. This means that even though tuition payments will not begin until July, your FACTS enrollment fee will be drawn from your designated account during the first few weeks of June. If you are making monthly payments, the enrollment Fee is $43 dollars, if you are paying your tuition in two payments, the enrollment fee is $10 dollars, if you are paying your tuition in one payment, there is no enrollment fee.
  • Today, we handed out the beautiful 2017 Year Books. If you have not yet purchased one, there is a limited number still available in the main office for $40.
  • Reminder that June 19 and June 20th will be half-days of school. June 6th is also a half-day of school for children with teacher PD scheduled for the afternoon. The After-school program will be available for students on June 6th and June 19th, it will not be available for students on June 20th, the last day of school.
  • The Terra Nova results still are delayed due to a "system integration" issue at the CTB level. As soon as we receive the results, we will mail home the parent copy. Thank you for your patience.
  • We will have our last recycling of the year this Saturday. Please drop off your cans and bottles. Thank you, as usual, to Joe and Karin, for doing this each month.
  • Does your son or daughter love basketball? Reminder: OLF runs a dynamite and fun basketball camp during the summer.  This summer the camp will last four weeks from July 10th to August 4th and runs from 9:00 to 3:00 each day.  The camp fee is $250 per week and you can sign your child up for part of the time or for the entire four weeks. For more information, email Linda Sweeny at linda.sweeny@raveis.com
  • Looking way ahead to next year, Labor Day is on September 4th, there is teacher PD from the Diocese on September 5th, so our first day with students will be Wednesday, September 6th. Please make a note.
Liz Fontana. I hope you have noticed the different beautiful art work that is now hanging in our school. In the main lobby, we have 8th grade self-portraits and second grade lady bugs. In the library hall we have summer student portraits. All this beautiful art work is from the vision of Ms. Liz Fontana, our exceptional art teacher. In addition to teaching art, Liz has substitute taught at all the different grade levels and has even covered the office when Diane is receiving PD. In all her responsibilities, Liz brings a quiet dignity, a positive outlook, and a student centered approach. Thanks for all you do for our school, Liz!

On Sunday Evening at 7:00 p.m. we finished the second night of The Snow Queen musical in the gym. On Tuesday Evening a men's basketball group used our gym. On Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m. we hosted 150 people for the Sports Dinner in the gym. How did this turn-around happen so quickly? Clara Davis, Gina O'Sullivan, and Jon Pace worked Tuesday evening from 10:30 p.m. until 1:30 a.m. decorating and setting up the tables and chairs. Wow - this is going above and beyond. Many, many thanks.

June 2nd - Hospitality after Mass honoring this year's 8th -grade class and hosted by Grades 1 and 3
Spring Concert at 1:00 p.m.
June 5th - 8th Grade Retreat
June 6th - Half-day of school for students - 12:00 dismissal
June 8th - 8th- grade luncheon at 11:35 in the gym
June 9th - 8th-grade graduation
June 12th - Pre-K graduation
June 12th through June 14th - 6th and 7th-grade Final Exams
June 13th  - Beany Baby and Bake Good Sale to benefit STEM
June 14th - Kindergarten graduation at 10:00 a.m.
Second and third-grade field trip to Bruce Museum
College Creamery Ice Cream Truck visits - 12:30-2pm 
June 15th - Spanish play Mulan after lunch
June 16th - Field Day
                     HSA End of School Picnic
June 19th - Noon dismissal for students
June 20th - Noon dismissal for students
Last Day of School 
June 26 to June 29th- Vacation Bible Camp
July 10 through August 4 - Summer Basketball Camp between 9:00 and 3:00
September 6th - First day for students
And Finally:
What is my lasting memory of the Sports Dinner? It was all the 8th-grade students giving a standing ovation to any 8th-grade student who won an award. This occurred for awards that all 8th grade students were all eligible to receive, and any one of them could have won. Wow! This was a situation where the students demonstrated a level of friendship, support, and dare I say, love, that impressed everyone who was present. It will be my best and lasting memory of the Sports Dinner, and of the Class of 2017.

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