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Jules' Gems
"And everything under the sun is in tune
But the sun is eclipsed by the moon"

Eclipse -- Pink Floyd
"Eclipse": Pink Floyd
Don't be Afraid!!
Fear of solar eclipses still exists today. Many people around the world still see eclipses as evil omens that bring death, destruction, and disasters. Given the events of the past week... these lyrics have interesting implications and worth a quick listen. No matter the events around us, it's always important to be prepared with information on best practices for your company and employees. 

Facility Closures?
An influx of visitors, traffic concerns and the opportunity to view a partial / full eclipse has brought forth the question - do we stay open or close? Still trying to decide or determine how to handle employee absences? PPI partner Barran Liebman has some advice for employers >> Read more here


We asked you if you're staying open / closing / delaying start. It looks like most of you will remain open and only a few are closing/expecting employees to arrive late due to traffic conditions.  
BINGO!!!! HR ListServ to the Rescue...

When you need some peer feedback on all things employees, you have access to a national network. Join the PIA HR ListServ to pose questions: recent discussions including overtime, reclassification of employees, holiday policies, cell phones, drug testing, handbooks...and how to communicate all this correctly / effectively. This is a free resource to member companies. Want to participate? CLICK HERE to sign up! 

Don't forget to wear your eclipse viewing glasses!

8/22: Inside Retirement: 2Q2017 Recap (Hosted by Printer's 401k)-Webinar

8/23: Winning Sales Strategies for Web-to-Print-Webinar 
In partnership with the PPI Digital Technology Council
(Click HERE to review our last DTC webinar "Hot Market Opportunities and Cool Substrates" )

9/10-9/14: Print '17 Trade Show-Chicago, IL

9/14: CTX-Xerox Customer Appreciation Day

9/22: PrintROCKS! Party at the Hotel Murano in Tacoma, WA

  Leslie Groene Sales Seminar Rescheduled

We will discuss how you and your sales team can execute a client needs assessment to determine how we can fit into their business needs; ask better questions; use the right marketing tools; develop new sales cycles and more!

  Seattle 11/8  DETAILS & Registration
9:00am - 10:30am - Hiring, On-Boarding and Managing Sales People   
(for owners, sales managers, HR professionals)

11:00am - 12:30pm - Mastering the Consultative Sale   
(owners, sales managers, sales representatives, customer service reps)
Join Us for the Print Party of the Year 

The 2017 PrintROCKS! Party will be 9/22 in Tacoma, Washington back at the glamorous Hotel Murano - - conveniently located for a perfect weekend getaway in the heart of Tacoma attractions. Hickey Pickers, Awards, Educational Trust Fundraising... and more! Come out to celebrate all things PRINT. 

Rooms are limited!! Special room rate ($159/night) valid through August 31st

44 Must See 'Ems Announced for Print '17

PRINT 17 has announced the 2017 MUST SEE 'EMS- the exhibits that attendees simply can't miss. Which of these new innovations could impact your business this year? What new technologies might revolutionize your market segment?

The MUST SEE 'EMS provide a valuable road-map for show attendees as well as an informative guide for those who can't make it to Chicago. FREE Webinar August 22. Register here.

Jules will be at Print '17 and she'd love to see you there.   

What Can Squirrels Teach Us About Saving?

Darwin said that organisms don't need to be the smartest to survive, they need to be the most adaptable. Gray squirrels are a double threat: they are both smart and adaptable, equally at home in the woods, a backyard, or the city. It turns out they also have a phenomenal ability to change their behavior to survive, including finding, storing, and retrieving nuts. This puts them close to humans' ability to meet a long-dated future goal, such as saving money. Sizing up nuts... and investments.

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Source: PPI Partner-Printer's 401K

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Dynamic Ratios Survey Extended to August 31 
The 2017 Dynamic Ratios Survey is open for participation! Members and non-members can participate in this industry financial bench-marking.

 Since 1921, the PIA  Ratios  have been the industry standard helping printers improve profitability by benchmarking their operations against industry profit leaders. The PIA  Ratios  is the oldest continuously operating financial benchmarking program in the private sector of the United States. Central features of the  Dynamic Ratios  include: 
  • Shorter Survey Option-a 70 percent reduction in required submitted information. Now printers need only provide 32 line items to participate.
  • 24/7 Secure Interactive Dashboard granting printers instant access to industry financial and operating averages and profit leader benchmarks
  • Instant Graphics providing easy-to-understand information
  • Focus on Key Performance Metrics to simplify management decisions
  • Legacy Reports and Database still available
  • Peer Group Report options custom designed by users
  • A Web-Based Survey collection process
Click Here to Learn More and Participate 
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