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Jeff Grant & Lynn Springer
Envisioning a First Chance Society - by Jeff Grant, JD, M Div & Sarah Diamond, PhD
Supporting a Second Chance Society with First Chance Opportunities

Nobody knows the failures of our criminal justice system better than the individuals and families impacted by incarceration and the community-based organizations which serve them. Without the voices of people who have been most impacted by the system, and an in-depth understanding and valuing of their humanity and life experiences, our reform efforts are likely to continue to fall short. Drawing upon our many years of providing critical services in mental health, domestic violence prevention and reentry for thousands of individuals and families each year, Family ReEntry introduces the concept of a "First Chance Society" to contribute to the dialogue in Connecticut about reimagining our criminal justice system and towards building a social change movement. Click image for article.
Tickets are Still Available for Tonight's Family ReEntry Benefit Rock & Roll Concert! 

Thurs. April 13,
2017, doors open at 6:30 pm, FTC Warehouse, 70 Sanford Street, Fairfield, Connecticut 

Family ReEntry
presents its Rock & Roll Benefit Concert starring BLUE COUPE featuring members of BLUE OYSTER CULT & ALICE COOPER BAND.

Opening is SCHOOL OF ROCK, Fairfield CT.

Please click image for information and tickets. 
Proceeds support Family ReEntry's mission to advocate for and
provide programs to restore dignity and renew families affected by the criminal justice system.
Event: We Were Discussion Panelists at a Screening of the Movie "13th," April 8th

Action Together New Haven invited us to be discussion panelists after a screening of this important movie about prison slavery in America.
Moderator: Sen. Robyn Porter, CT General Assembly
Orisha Ala N. Ochumare, Co-Founder, Black Lives Matter New Haven 
Sen. Gary Winfield, CT General Assembly 
Jeff Grant, JD, M Div, Executive Director, Family ReEntry 
David McGuire, Esq., Executive Director, ACLU 
Cowiya Arouna, New Haven Youth Activist, City Wide Youth Coalition

Sat. April 8, 2017, noon - 4 pm. Conncat 4 Science Park, New Haven, Connecticut. Please click image for article.
Video: We were interviewed on "Meet The Leaders," Bridgeport Day, CT State Capitol, April 6, 2017

Family ReEntry Director of Community Affairs Fred Hodges, Fatherhood Program Manager Da'ee McKnight and Executive Director Jeff Grant manned the booth, greeted Bridgeport students and the public, and gave interviews about the state of the Connecticut criminal justice system at the annual Bridgeport Day in Hartford.  Please click image for interview on Meet the Leaders.
Guest Blog: A First 
Chance for Children to Thrive in a Healthy  
Home: Disrupting the Cycle of Violence 
By Rebecca Martorella
At Family ReEntry we are gathering and publishing experiences and stories of people whose families and communities could be immeasurably changed with access to first chance opportunities. Please consider participating by submitting a blog post or essay responding to the question, "What would a First Chance Society mean for you and your family?" Please click image to read Rebecca's essay and for submission details.
Jeffrey Abramowitz
Article: The Color of a Collar: Jeffrey Abramowitz's 
  Road to Reentry  
Republished from Jeffrey, a former Philadelphia lawyer, 
is dedicating his life to helping other 
returning citizens successfully 
re-enter society. He is a member of our 
White-Collar Support Group that meets
 online on Tuesday evenings. 
Jeffrey and I will be leading a workshop 
together on May 5th at the CMCA 
Summit in Philadelphia. Please click image to read article.
Radio Interview: Babz Rawls Ivy had Us Back on Her Show, WNHH 103.5 FM, New Haven, CT

We were delighted to be invited back to our good friend Babz's show, Love Talk, to discuss criminal justice in Connecticut, white-collar crime, and changing the world. Please click image to listen to program archived on SoundCloud.
      The Magnificent Babz Rawls Ivy 
Family ReEntry's Testimony on Criminal Justice Before 
the Connecticut State
Legislature Appropriations  

Public hearing held on Weds., Feb. 22, 2017 
"..As the state continues to garner cost savings from criminal justice reform measures, it would behoove the state legislature to maintain the state's investment in reentry services as part of justice reinvestment. Everyone will be the beneficiary from front-line investments that will help restore healthy families, increase public safety, rebuild our communities and continue to reduce our prison population..."  Click image for complete testimony.  
Event: We Will Be Leading a Workshop at the CMCA Reentry Conference, May 5, 2017. 1:30 - 3 pm. 

Please join us in Philadelphia as Jeffrey Abramowitz and I will be leading "You Got to Have Faith: An Inside Look at Reentry" at the 5th Annual Correctional Ministries and Chaplains Assn. Summit, held May 5-6, 2017. Click image for information and to register.
Event: We Will be Leading a Workshop at Simsbury Methodist Church, Sun., May 21, 2017

We are grateful to all at Simsbury Methodist Church for the opportunity to share a Ministry Moment at their 9 & 10:30 am services, and then lead a workshop at a noon luncheon. Please join us. 799 Hopmeadow St, Simsbury, CT. Click image for details.

Click Image for Progressive Prison Ministries.
Contact Information: Progressive Prison Ministries, Inc.
Ministry I Advocacy I Service   
The first ministry in the United States created to provide confidential support and counseling to individuals, families and organizations with white-collar and other nonviolent incarceration issues.  
If transformation and redemption matter to you, a friend or a family member with a white-collar or nonviolent incarceration issue, please contact us and we will promptly send you an information package by mail, email or via Dropbox. The darkest days of a person's life can be a time of renewal and hope.

Blessings, כן, מאוד

Jeff & Lynn 
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Lynn Springer, Founding Advocate
Progressive Prison Ministries, Inc.
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Supervising Minister
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Jacqueline Polverari, MBA, MSW, Advocate
Women's Incarceration Issues
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Babz Rawls Ivy, Media Contact 
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