First Portal Installed in a U.S. Prison Scheduled to Open in CT this Fall
Family ReEntry and Shared Studios introduced the Prison Portal Project at Governor Malloy's Reimagining Justice Conference, June 14th
Working in partnership with the State of Connecticut Department of Corrections and the City of Bridgeport Mayor's Initiative for Reentry Affairs, Portals will be installed this fall linking the nation's first portal to be placed within the confines of a correctional facility and a second portal anticipated to open in downtown Bridgeport. This will allow families to directly communicate with their loved ones in prison in an immersive environment "as if they were in the same room..."
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Family ReEntry's Medina Recognized as Top Executive
Family ReEntry proudly announces the recognition for Angela Medina as one of Fairfield County's Top Young Executives. Medina was selected to The 2017 Fairfield County Business Journal's "40 Under 40" List of Top Executives.

Medina is the Director of Domestic Violence Programs & Grant Development at Family ReEntry, the Bridgeport-headquartered nonprofit leader that assists families affected by the criminal justice system.

The Nantucket Project Presents: Down & Out in Greenwich, with Jeff Grant - June 27th
An Insider's View of Prison and the Road Back to the Boardroom
It happens more than you imagine, right here in Greenwich.
A high-flying executive winds up in prison. His life and the lives of his family are shattered. Jeff Grant has been there, done that, and risen from the ashes. Now he'll tell his riveting story at at TNP Library event.

The Nantucket Project | 123 Mason Street | Greenwich, CT 06830
Family ReEntry at Greenwich Polo - July 16th
Tuesday, June 27
Tom Scott, Chairman of The Nantucket Project, will Interview Jeff Grant, Executive Director of Family ReEntry, Bridgeport CT and co-Founder of the Progressive Prison Project, Greenwich CT about his incarceration in a Federal prison for a white collar crime and his long journey to a life of respect and dignity. At The Nantucket Project headquarters, Mason St., Greenwich. Limited seating available.
Family ReEntry Announces New Board Members
Carlah Esdaile Bragg, Christian Morris and David Light Elected to Board
Family ReEntry, a nonprofit leader that assists families affected by the criminal justice system, today announced the appointment of three key new board members, who will help guide the organization on its program expansion and advocacy efforts.
Family ReEntry's 2016-17 Annual Appeal
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The Problem
Even as the Connecticut government is closing prisons and reducing the prison population to the lowest level since the 1970s - a good thing - the fiscal crisis has caused it to terminate the funding for and close EVERY community-based nonresidential prisoner reentry behavioral health program in the state. (Family ReEntry's residential and intervention programs were unaffected.) This means thousands of people, many or most of them people of color, will be released from jails and prisons this year without access to mental health services, substance abuse counseling, life skills training, family therapy, housing opportunities, education, or even minimum wage jobs. Without this critical support, research shows that most will likely recidivate and will return to prison in record numbers...but not before they re-engage in the very behavior for which they were incarcerated in the first place. A very bad thing - for everyone.