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Model 8000 Ion Generator

With Aerisa's recent product introduction of its AerBar needlepoint ionizer, this month's product spotlight is on the Model 8000 ion generator.  This product is perhaps one of the most versatile ion generators in our product portfolio.  While it can be installed within an AHU, the new AerBar product is better designed for that type of application.  The Model 8000 unit is best used when mounted within ductwork.
Many times, there are specific zones within a building that are in need of ionization in order to produce better indoor air quality (IAQ).  However, cleaning all the air coming from the AHU may not be cost effective.  This is where the Model 8000 comes in.  If only one office, the copy room, and the break room (as examples) are in need of ionization, then the model 8000 unit can be located within the ductwork just prior to the air entering those specific zones.  
The duct or bracket mounted Model 8000 ion generator utilizes 1, 2 or 3 sets of brushes in order to clean up to 6000 CFM of air (depending on contaminant load).  It will directly accept 24V AC power and a 12V DC power supply is provided for 120V or 230V AC. 
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