Improving teaching and learning for all students. 
Summer 2016
Powerful Strategies for Educational Equity
Equity Symposium

Join educational leaders, teachers, and community stakeholders for the first Equity Symposium on Sept. 8 and 9 in San Diego, where district and site teams will work together toward eliminating  opportunity and achievement gaps for all students.

The event will be led by Dr. Pedro Noguera and will feature best practices from districts across the state, next-step planning time for district and site teams, and job-alike breakout sessions for superintendents, principals, teachers, counselors, and more.  Space is limited and early-bird rates expire soon. 
English Language Arts,  English Language Development, 
and  English Learner Support

TK-2 Biliteracy Institute (Aug. 16 to 18)
For TK-2 teachers, administrators, and curriculum coordinators: This TK-2 Literacy Institute is designed for biliteracy or a dual language setting. Cost: $300

ERWC Middle School (Cohorts begin in August)
For middle school teachers and administrators: Learn to use Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC) modules and best practices that are aligned with state standards. Cost: $320
ERWC High School (Cohorts begin in August)
For high school teachers and administrators: Learn to use ERWC modules and best practices that are aligned with state standards. Cost: Free
For teachers, teacher leaders, and administrators: Bring the new ELA/ELD Framework to life with this practical, hands-on summer learning held at locations across the county. Cost: $75 per person, $750 per district team of 12
For TK-12 dual language teachers and administrators: Review procedural, organizational, and operational knowledge needed to be successful in a multilingual setting. Cost: $60
Project GLAD (Aug. 1 and 2)
For K-8 teachers: Build academic language and literacy for all students, especially students who are English learners. Cost: $300
Library Media Services

California Standards for School Libraries (July 26 or Aug. 11)
For  K-12 school library staff: Learn how to re-purpose your program to align with state standards, and get new books and strategies to implement them in classrooms and libraries. Cost: Free
For K-5 teachers and administrators: Create a classroom focus on mathematical understanding through high-quality tasks and classroom discussions. Cost: $150
For K-5 teachers and administrators: Building on the "Getting Smarter About Tasks and Talk" session, deepen your understanding of questioning and task sequencing. Cost: $75

Mindset and Mathematics (July 16 to 20)
For K-16 math instructors and district and college administrators: Incorporating the most recent brain research, Stanford University Professor Jo Boaler speaks on the implications for math instruction and the importance of a growth mindset. Cost: $585

Elementary Science Academy (Cohort Three: July 25 to 28 plus five follow-up days)
For K-5 teachers: Study and apply research and best practices for teaching science through the Next Generation Science Standards, collect and analyze student work, and apply your learning in the classroom. Cost: $1,200
Visual and Performing Arts

For teachers and administrators: Generate ideas related to arts education and gather strategies and best practices for implementing a high-quality arts education program. Cost: Free

For teacher teams, instructional coaches, administrators, district teams, and central office supervisors: Learn how to give effective targeted feedback and engage in feedback cycles with teachers to improve student outcomes.  Cost: $480 (early registration $400)

Lifting Student Learning Institute (July 18 to 20)
For teacher teams, instructional leaders, and administrators: Develop expertise on high-leverage instructional strategies and plan for school improvement efforts. Cost: $100

For new and experienced site principals: Learn ways to leverage every hour of your day, spend more time as an instructional leader, and stop avoiding uncomfortable, but necessary, conversations with your staff. Cost: $150

Southern California Principal Leadership Institute (July 27, 28, Aug. 25, 26, and one school year date)
For site principals: Explore the tenets of a systems thinking leader, build skills for effective teacher feedback, and grow through practical on-site application. Cost: $475
Teacher Leadership Academy (Aug. 10 and 11)
For teacher leaders, TOSAs, content coaches, PLC leads, department chairs, and grade level leads: Strengthen leadership and coaching practices to improve teaching and learning throughout the school or district.  Cost: $475
Curriculum and Instruction Charter School Symposium 
(Aug. 12)
For charter school teachers and administrators: Network, collaborate, explore different services and supports, and impact teaching and learning. Cost: $40
For after-school program staff, teachers, and administrators: Learn how to complete an After School Program Plan that can be included in the Continuous Quality Improvement Process. Cost: Free

For teachers and administrators: Engage in a data analysis protocol that supports building knowledge of target-level reporting, action planning, strengths, and weaknesses. Cost: $30
For teachers, instructional leaders, and administrators: Build leadership capacity around the work of assessing California standards to measure and enhance student learning with this conference series. Cost: $75