Improving teaching and learning for all students. 
Fall 2016
LLS has your back (to school)

The teachers, principals, and education specialists of the San Diego County Office of Education developed an array of professional learning opportunities to meet your needs this fall.

Events in every subject area are aligned to state standards and new frameworks to improve your practice and boost student learning. With an eye on data releases and state mandates, the LCAP Guide has supports for your district throughout the year. The county's first Equity Symposium and leadership institutes build the capacity of our district and school leaders, teachers, and counselors to make a difference in every student's life.

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For district and site leaders, teachers, and school counselors: A two-day symposium brings national experts on opportunity and achievement gaps, an art collection reveals new African-American history, innovation can re-imagine the school experience, and a new series builds equity-centered leadership.
  • Equity Symposium (Sept. 8 and 9)
  • The Kinsey Collection (Oct. 13)
  • Achievement Gap Task Force Forum (Nov. 29)
For district and site leaders, administrators, and teachers: Learn about the tenets of a systems thinking leader, how targeted feedback can impact student outcomes, and which high-leverage instructional strategies increase student achievement.
  • Teacher Leadership Academy (first cohort starting Sept. 13 and 14)
  • Principal Leadership Seminars (Oct. 7 and Nov. 29)
  • Targeted Feedback Institute (Nov. 3)
For district, site, and teacher leaders, and parent engagement staff: Learn to use 2016 CAASPP results to analyze student performance, and collaborate on challenges and best practices in network meetings.
  • CAASPP Summative Data Analysis and Interpretation Workshop (Sept. 15)
  • Data and Assessment Network (Oct. 27 and Dec. 8)
  • Data Visualization Network (Sept. 23, Oct. 27, and Dec. 8)
For site and district leaders: Support your LCAP work throughout the year with a new series, get strategies to meet the needs of unduplicated students, and receive State Board of Education updates on ESSA and LCAP.
  • Putting It All Together (five-day series starting Sept. 22)
  • Promoting Success for Unduplicated Students (Oct. 19)
  • ESSA/LCAP Accountability Update (Nov. 15 and 29)
  • LCAP Parent Leadership Network (Dec. 3)
For district, site, and teacher leaders: Learn about new state and federal funding developments, how to train your school site council, state and federal monitoring tools, and connect with peers at network meetings.
  • Categorical 101 (Sept. 23)
  • School Site Council Training (Sept. 23)
  • FPM Instrument/CMT Training (Sept. 20 and Oct. 6)
  • State and Federal Programs Leadership Network (Sept. 20, Oct. 27, and Dec. 8)
For ELA and English language development (ELD) teachers and administrators, and site and district leaders: Learn how the framework can support your work, network and collaborate with peers, and explore short-term reading interventions in elementary grades and ERWC best practices for secondary students.
  • ELA/ELD Framework 101 (Oct. 5)
  • Each and Every Child (Sept. 27 and Oct. 18)
  • ELA/Literacy Leaders Network (Sept. 15, Oct. 11, and Nov. 17)
  • Reading Recovery Training (starting Sept. 7)
  • ERWC (middle and high school cohorts starting in September)
For teachers, administrators, and ELD-integrated teachers: Improve teaching of writing and increase student achievement, gain strategies to support English learners and students in dual language programs, and build your knowledge of the ELD standards.
  • Project GLAD (Oct. 1 and 8)
  • WRITE Institute (Oct. 24)
  • ELD Standards Awareness (Oct. 26)
  • Leading a Comprehensive Approach to ELD Instruction (Oct. 19 and Dec. 15)
For district and site leaders, teachers, parent engagement staff, and parents: Connect and share with peers, access new curriculum for parents on programs for English learners, school involvement, college options, and more.
  • Long Term English Learner Network (Sept. 28, Oct. 26, and Dec. 14)
  • DELAC/ELAC Training of Trainers - Spanish (Sept. 28 and Nov. 18)
  • ELD Awareness for Parents - Spanish (Oct. 14)
  • How to Get to College - English and Spanish (starting Oct. 4)
  • Six Types of Parent Involvement - English and Spanish (starting Oct. 13)
  • Reading and Homework Lead to Academic Success - Spanish (Oct. 20, Dec. 1, 6, and 8)
  • Parent Liaison Network (Oct. 7 and Dec. 9)
For district administrators, expanded learning program directors and site-level practitioners, and STEM educators: Learn how to support STEM learning, develop an ASSETs Program Plan, gain familiarity with Quality Standards, starting and support a community of practice, and network with peers.
  • Power of Discovery: STEM Community of Practice (starting Sept. 1)
  • Using the Program Plan to Kick-Start the CQI Process - ASSETs programs  (Sept. 15)
  • Site Coordinator Community of Practice Facilitator Training (Sept. 23)
  • High School ASSETs Community of Practice (Nov. 11 and Dec. 7)
  • Expanded Learning Transformation: ASES Community of Practice (Sept. 21, Oct. 31, and Nov. 16)
  • RTAC Quality Standards/CQI Workshop (Sept. 20 and Oct. 28)
For administrators, physical education teachers, and middle and high school teachers: Gain support in implementing state standards in physical education, developing best practices and teacher leaders, and meeting state mandates for sexual health education in middle and high schools.
  • Physical Education Leadership Academy (Oct. 5)
  • Common Core in Physical Education Institute (Oct. 11)
  • Secondary Exemplary Physical Education Site Visitation (Nov. 1)
  • Elementary Exemplary Physical Education Site Visitation (Nov. 8)
  • Positive Prevention Plus Sexual Health Training (Nov. 15)
For history-social science teachers: Grow your knowledge of the state framework, gain useful tools during new, afternoon strategy sessions, collaborate and network with peers, explore interesting topics, and create a humanities curriculum.
  • History-Social Science Leadership and Professional Development Network (Sept. 15 and Nov. 18)
  • Strategy Session: Using Images to Engage Students (Sept. 20)
  • History-Social Science Framework Study Groups (starting Sept. 22 through March 17)
  • History-Social Science Teacher Leader Network (Oct. 6)
  • Strategy Session: Engaging Students in Discussion (Oct. 18)
  • History-Social Science: An Inquiry Based Approach (Oct. 28)
  • Facing History and Ourselves: The Armenian Genocide and International Justice (Nov. 10 and Jan. 24)
  • 6th-Grade Humanities and the Ancient World (Dec. 6)
For district and site leaders: Get an in-depth look at dual language programs including developing new programs, guiding principles for curriculum, instruction, assessment, and accountability, and implementing state standards in the target language.
  • Dual Language Implementation 101 (Sept. 20)
  • Dual Language Network School Visit - 90/10 Immersion (Sept. 22)
  • Dual Language Next Steps (Oct. 4)
  • Dual Language Network School Visit - secondary Immersion (Oct. 20)
For administrators, library media staff, and parent engagement staff: Learn how to establish a volunteer reading program and what's new in children's books, grow your resume, explore digital content portal offerings, and hear from school technology experts on using open educational resources.
  • Everyone A Reader Site Coordinator Training (Sept. 22)
  • Instructional Media Resource Associate Certificate Course of Study (starting Oct. 13)
  • Digital Content Portal Coaches Training (Oct. 19)
  • What's New in Children's Literature? grades K-5  (Nov. 8)
  • Open Educational Resources Symposium (Nov. 8) 
For administrators and elementary and secondary mathematics teachers: Learn and build upon effective instructional strategies that support and develop students' mathematical understanding and success, and explore how to build and evaluate professional learning in mathematics.
  • Teach Fractions for Meaning and Application , grades 3-5  (Oct. 12)
  • Getting Smarter about Tasks and Talk , grades K-5  (Oct. 4 and 25)
  • Advanced Getting Smarter about Tasks and Talk , grades K-5  (Oct. 6, 13, and Dec. 13)
  • Literacy Strategies to Improve Mathematical Understanding , grades 6-12  (Oct. 5)
  • Advanced Mathematical Modeling , high school (Oct. 11 and 26)
  • Ratios and Proportional Reasoning , grades 6 - 8  (Oct. 4 and 11)
  • Creating Mathematics Professional Learning for Change, grades 6-12 (Oct. 7)
  • Tasks and Talk, grades 6-8 (starting Sept. 13)
For science teachers and elementary and secondary teachers: Deepen understanding of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), plan instruction, develop assessments, and evaluate materials to align with the new standards.
  • Introduction to NGSS and Three-Dimensional Learning, elementary and secondary (starting Sept. 13)
  • NGSS Rollout Symposium No. 3 (Nov. 15)
  • Biology in the NGSS (Nov. 8)
  • Chemistry in the NGSS (Nov. 9)
  • Physics in the NGSS (Nov. 10)
  • Science Leadership and Professional Development Network (Sept. 14, Oct. 26, and Dec. 14)
  • NGSS 3-Day Academy, elementary and secondary (starting Nov. 29)
  • #ProjectPhenomena (Dec. 6)
For new and experienced VAPA teachers: Dive into national standards, gear up for a massive arts professional learning event, and if you've been a teacher for less than five years, learn what to teach, how to align to state standards, and classroom management skills in a new workshop series.
  • New Dance Teachers Workshops (Sept. 8 and Nov. 9)
  • New Theater Teachers Workshops (Sept. 8 and Nov. 30)
  • Diving Deeper into National Core Arts Standards (starting Sept. 21)
  • New Visual Art Teachers Workshops (Sept. 29 and Nov. 9)
  • Arts Empower Mega Conference (Oct. 13)
  • New Music Teachers Workshops (starting Nov. 3)