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Programmed Longevity or Universal Timekeeping
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There is, as the expression goes, "a time for all seasons." This very fundamental truth of Universal experience applies to every soul entering or exiting this physical earth dimension. Nothing in this Universe is by chance. Everything and everyone is part of a very integrated and complex Universal Process. Entire species have appeared and disappeared from the earth plane dimension. Everything has its time, or at least, the appearance of it. Everything exists and comes into being in Universal Consciousness or the Mind of God.

There is a larger picture --- the Universe --- with smaller details in the picture, such as the individual human expression. And yet the larger and the smaller are identical, and everything therefore is interdependent --- that is, one could not exist without the other. As the seen universe is always in motion, all of its parts or details or humans are part of a very integrated process. What happens with one of its parts --- the human --- affects the entire whole and how it manifests. Each depends on the existence of the other in order to exist itself.
A total picture, to be a total picture, is dependent on the sum of its details, while concurrently the details could not exist if they were not a part of the total picture. What is taking place in one human life, even if that one human were totally isolated and lived on a far-off mountain or cave, affects and interacts with all that exists --- with millions in a bustling cosmopolitan city on the physical earth plane as well as the cosmos.  

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