Progress in DC and in Florida
December 2017
November was characterized by a flurry of activity for the Brandeis Center. A pathbreaking decision has been undertaken by the village of Bal Harbor, who decided in late November, after testimony from the Louis D. Brandeis Center's (LDB) own Aviva Vogelstein, to adopt the State Department definition of anti-Semitism. On the anti-BDS front, the LDB lawsuit against the American Studies Association has unveiled the insidious attempts by BDS activists to turn academic associations into breeding grounds for their anti-Israel vitriol. At the same time, LDB was addressing white supremacy and neo-Nazism in Virginia. November also saw the appointment of Alyza D. Lewin to the newly created position of Chief Operating Officer for the Louis D. Brandeis Center. Alyza's appointment will only help to strengthen LDB's commitment to fighting against anti-Semitism in the United States. These stories, and others, can be found in this issue of the Brandeis Brief.

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Why a Florida Village Defined Anti-Semitism
Aviva Vogelstein, The Algemeiner

In late November, the Bal Harbour Village Council took a tremendous step forward in the fight against anti-Semitism: under the leadership of Mayor Gabriel Groisman, the Council voted 5-0 in favor of the "Anti-Semitism Definition Act."

Lawsuit Reveals Plot by BDS Activists to Take Over Academic Associations
Jewish Press
Leaders of the controversial BDS movement conducted a covert campaign to take over academic associations, without disclosing their political agenda, and then to use their influence to impose boycotts on the State of Israel, according to newly discovered documents.

Appointment of Alyza D. Lewin to the Newly Established Poisition of Chief Operating Officer and Director of Policy
Louis D. Brandeis Center

LDB announced the appointment of Alyza D. Lewin, Esq., to the newly-established position of Chief Operating Officer and Director of Policy. Ms. Lewin previously served as a member of LDB's Legal Advisory Board. LDB President Kenneth L. Marcus praised Lewin's appointment, stating, "This is a watershed moment for our organization. Alyza's appointment substantially strengthens the Brandeis Center's leadership group. Alyza is a distinguished attorney, experienced litigator, and strategic thinker, with a deep understanding of public policy and strong commitment to equal justice."

LDB is proud to announce the promotion of Edward Kunz to the position of Senior Communications and Development intern. Edward Kunz joined LDB in February of this year, and has completed phenomenal work for the Center, including writing blog posts, drafting press releases, assisting with research projects, and compiling LDB's monthly e-publication, the Brandeis Brief. In March, Edward helped organize the Louis D. Brandeis Center's successful Fourth Annual Law Student Leadership Conference.
Why The Disgraceful Anti-Semitic Attacks on a Civil Rights Guardian?
Richard Cravatts, Newsweek

No sooner had President Trump nominated Kenneth Marcus, president LDB, to be Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Education, than extremist anti-Israel groups began to mount an aggressive campaign to derail the appointment.  This is a remarkable affront to a civil rights lawyer who has spent his career fighting for the rights of women, the disabled, and members of many minority groups: African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians, as well as Sikhs, Arabs, and Muslim Americans.

Robbins: Anti-Semite Lobby Threat to Excellent Trump Pick
Jeff Robbins, Boston Herald
The Trump administration has appointed someone eminently qualified to a high-ranking position in the U.S. Department of Education.  Kenneth Marcus, president and director of the Washington, D.C.-based LDB, has been tapped to be the department's assistant secretary for civil rights.  Marcus is well-qualified for this position, having served the second Bush administration as its Department of Housing and Urban Development's deputy assistant secretary for fair housing and equal opportunity. He was also the de facto head of the Department of Education's civil rights office.

Brandeis Center Fights White Supremacy and Neo-Nazism at Virginia Tech
Louis D. Brandeis Center
LDB  urged Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University President Timothy Sands to take bold actions to address intolerable neo-Nazi activity on his campus. In a letter issued today, the Center admonished President Sands that he must do more to protect his students, especially one whom the instructor (or his spouse) allegedly called a "fat ugly turd clown" while urging associates to "f*** her up" and "destroy her).

LDB Joins Jewish Communal Anti-BDS Statement
Edward Kunz, Brandeis Blog
On November 6th, the  American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise  released a statement condemning the BDS movement. The statement contained 92 signatures from across the spectrum of Jewish organizations in the United States, including LDB. The different organizations represent a diverse political and religious group of organizations, all brought together in the fight against the bigoted aims of the BDS movement.

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights Releases 2016 Report on Anti-Semitism
Edward Kunz, Brandeis Blog
In November, the  European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) released their  annual report  on anti-Semitism in the nations of the European Union, "Antisemitism - Overview of data available in the European Union 2006-2016." The report compiles all incidents of anti-Semitism as recorded by international organizations and by "official and unofficial sources" for the 28 European Union member states.

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