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 Vol V, Issue 1
January 1, 2013
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FEAR vs. Progress
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Happy New Year? It is up to each of us.
Mike Weiner
Michael Weiner
Dear Readers,
We can choose to look forward to this New Year with either great anticipation, or great fear. Both emotions can feel similar.
Our World Economy is in trouble. Each of us-- either individually, communcally, or nationally-- can face the issues and do one of two things: Nothing, OR Change how we as people interact with one another.
Fear means False Evidence Appearing Real.
In 2013, will we let FEAR prevent us from taking the needed steps to fix, repair, redesign, restructure and get us all to the positive side of the balance sheets?
What does this have to do with the usual topics of this newsletter?
Plenty. Because there are many Ultra High Net Worth people who have the financial means to make a difference, but are stuck in their fear and hold on to their assets for dear life. What this does is chokes off the economy when cash is not circulating.
Yet there are established ways their money can be applied without the potential loss. How is this possible?
Without going into detail here in this publication, further education and understanding is available for the asking.
2013 is the year we can choose to lay in fear and do nothing while the world economies burn, OR we can take action as individuals, nations, and as one world with problems to solve.
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Project Funding |Managed Buy/Sell Opportunities And Information 

The New Year. A time of New Beginnings. New Possibilties.
In this first edition of the New Year, from our family to yours, may this be the year we shake off the economic doldrums and get back to the business of prospering.
What I mean to say is, there are some of the principal client readers of this newsletter who remain (rightfully so) in the background to avoid the noise of the Internet brokers. I encourage those of you who truly hold assets and want to see them work for the better good of everyone to contact me offline, privately, and in complete confidence.
It is true that most of the readers of this newsletter have no relationships with genuine and authentic principals. This is the bane of a largely distributed publication which really is meant to reach just a few. I weed out 99.9% of inquiries that come about as a result, which are merely "broker-jokers" who have no idea how this business works.
For the few readers who seek a way to weed out the insane from the genuine, this newsletter is meant for you.
God Bless Us All this New Year.
Michael Weiner 
Major Project Funding - The IHEP Program

The need for project funding has generally been growing by leaps and bounds, as major Infrastructure, Environment and Job Creation projects demand more and more scarce resources.


The old method of raising taxes or selling bonds to pay for these isn't working as well as it used to. Reaching out to find new ways of paying for vital projects is essential, and requires a new mind-set: Out-of-the-box thinking.


The program we are going to describe is a self-enclosed mechanism that requires no tax dollars, does not have to be repaid, and can raise funding from 200 Million USD into the tens of Billions.

By virtue of a decades-old system which has virtually been in existence since the end of World War II, this funding program has been creating money to pay for roadways, bridges, hospitals, environmentally-beneficial and humanitarian (e.g. jobs creation), projects get done without reaching deep into the taxpayer's pockets.


For every Dollar, be it tax or bond money, it is estimated that 10 times that amount needs to be spent on vital projects to get and keep a country going. In other words, there will never be a way to pay for needed projects with these Dollars. They simply would not be enough, even if tax rates were to hit 75%.


Here is where the Infrastructure, Humanitarian and Environmental (IHEP) project funding program comes into play.



Reach back to 1947. For most of us, we may not remember the devastation of World War II and how it left war-torn countries, and Allies with the United States, with more to fix than could be afforded. Much of Eastern Europe was demolished both physically and economically. America had spent an exhaustive amount of money and lives, and was left with its own problems.


A gathering of 730 delegates from all 44 Allied nations met in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, to regulate the international monetary and financial order after the conclusion of World War II.


"The economic health of every country is a proper matter of concern to all its neighbors, near and far." - U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt at the opening of Bretton Woods


The need for postwar Western economic order was resolved with the agreements made on monetary order and open system of trade at the 1944 Bretton Woods Conference. These allowed for the synthesis of Britain's desire for full employment and economic stability and the United States' desire for free trade.


One of the outcomes of this Conference was the creation of a trade mechanism that would allow the generation of profits as the result of international trading. Later, a modification to the trading system would result in the issuance of highly regulated bank instruments, of which the bank-issued paper would be sold in a two or three step process which would generate cash for projects, and then ultimately go on to be bought and held by pension funds seeking fixed rate investments.


The effect of this was to encourage and incentivize private investors to allow their cash to be safely used, while a buying/selling process utilizing MTN's would create profits to be used to fund projects, be they Public, Private, and Public/Private Partnerships.


This system is used today to fund projects worldwide, including disaster areas such as Haiti, and economically poor countries such as several of the African nations, among others.



As an Authorized Introducer to this IMF and US Treasury- supervised IHE, PreConstruction Catalysts, Inc. is briefing local, state and national government officials in the US. These officials have great needs within their communities, counties, states and nationally. The interest in learning more has been high, and if YOU are a Project Developer with a qualifying project, you are invited to contact us for a presentation about the IHEP and how it can be applied to pay for your projects. It is also available on our website under Useful Documents.

About Managed Buy/Sell
You read a lot of hogwash about PPP programs-- The amount of misunderstanding and misinformation spread around is overwhelming to someone who is not familiar with the underlying reality.
After several years of intense research and relationship-building, I have come to learn that there are only a handful of people in the business who actually operate a Managed Buy/Sell program for the purpose of project funding. These programs are specifically meant to invite Ultra High Net Worth Individuals into a system that produces profits to be used to fund projects, not enrich the already rich.
The genuine program is designed in a way that protects the individual's cash, while allowing it to be used as collateral for a second credit line. It is the second credit line that is used by the trader to show when he is rapidly buying and selling paper. This is one layer of protection of the underlying asset. This system allows project funds to be generated through the trading activities.
Because the nature of these programs are kept quiet so that only those who are financially qualified to participate may be invited, this is about the extent of what can be discussed here. For the financially qualified individual, a confidential briefing and introduction is available. Simply request this by email
I hope this, and upcoming editions, of this newsletter will be useful to the principals who are receiving this. While we appreciate that sometimes an intermediary does have real contact with someone who is a principal party, it is our policy that we will only entertain a conversation when the principal is readily available and can be connected to us.
PreConstruction Catalysts
Michael Weiner, President/CEO
PreConstruction Catalysts, Inc
PreConstruction Catalysts' (PCC) mission is to bring principal clients together with principal providers and to bridge the relationship with integrity, accountability, truthfulness, honesty, and by expertly and professionally facilitating both the relationship and the resulting transaction at hand. We are not in the business of selling securities or other "products" that require licensure. Our goal is to develop new, strong business relationships first. It is from these relationships where a transaction may occur between the two principal parties. We believe the flowers of tomorrow are the seeds of today, and the relationship starts as a seed to be nurtured, fertilized and cultivated.It is this mission that keeps us different from the rest.