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Blasting Off into Outer Space

On September 20th, our Take & Play families were joined by our honorary chair, Alma Powell, and her husband General Colin Powell. The Take and Play theme for the month of September was "Outer Space." Students were introduced to the solar system, the sun's and earth proximity to the stars, and protective gear astronauts use in outer space. There were 24 families who participated in the workshop. There were 24 adults and 36 children. The next Take and Play will be held on October 18th at Neval Thomas Elementary. 

Neval Thomas makes it count!

Neval Thomas Elementary School kicked off SY2018 with a bang. The Deputy Mayor for Education's Every Day Counts Attendance team recognized 245 students for perfect attendance from August to September 2017. This is a perfect model of excellence and demonstrates how the significant investments DCPNI has made in parent engagement and student incentives truly impact school attendance. In addition, DCPNI recognized 35 students for Student of the Month in August and September!

This school year, Neval Thomas has been one of the many host locations in the Kenilworth Parkside community for our mobile food markets. On September 27th, over 200 residents attended the Joyful Food Market. With less than 90 days into the school year, Neval Thomas has demonstrated significant strides towards garnering additional supports for increased programming:
  • Awarded Equity through Excellence funding through DCPS in the amount of $26,000.00 to support students who struggle the most. 
  • Awarded Reign Innovation funding to support the existing girls empowerment program, Promise Quest Sisters, to expand supports in health and wellness activities. This is awarded by DCPS and the Mayor's Office. 
  • Principal Walker was selected to the Chancellor's Principal Cabinet for SY 2017-18.
We are extremely proud of the work that is being done at Neval Thomas. Join us in celebrating their success!   

Chavez Scholars Demonstrate Self-Determination

The students from Cesar Chavez Parkside Schools celebrated and supported Peace Day on Thursday, September 21, 2017 by taking a "PEACE WALK" around the Parkside neighborhood with handmade banners and signs promoting "Peace." This is one of the many ways our scholars achieve the mission to bring peace to our community by spreading peace and kindness wherever we walk in life. Change starts with an individual, and our scholars are determined to be self-determined in our community. 

Moms on the Move (MOTM)
Kick-Off Fall 2017 Cohort

The MOTM orientation for cohort 3 was held on September 16th at the National Harbor. There were 14 ladies that participated in the orientation which was structured around getting to know one another, setting program intentions, and understanding the structure of the program during the first half of the morning. The second half of the day was dedicated to self-care that featured health and wellness mini workshops that addressed: stress management and mindfulness, healthy eating, and promoting a healthy and positive self-image. Dr. Towanna Burrous, CEO of Coach Diversity Institute and the online Black Life Coaches Community, presented during the first half of the day to orient the ladies around understanding the importance of setting intentions and self-accountability. MOTM is a 12 week program that supports single mothers in the KP community to reach higher levels of self-sufficiency through goal attainment in advancing in the workforce, education, and personal growth. The intended outcomes are: for participants to establish realistic goals for personal success, exhibit knowledge and understanding of tools and resources that will help them to attain their goals, increase essential skills related to academic and employment success, attain high levels of self-efficacy related to education, work, and systems navigation, become college and career ready, and be able to successfully navigate systems to achieve financial stability. 

C O M I N G  U P  N E X T

Naturefest Harvest Festival

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