June 18, 2017 

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Today is the day we set aside each year to celebrate fathers, fatherhood, and all the special men in our lives.  

We wish all the best to your Dad, whether he's with you today in body, spirit, or both! 
If you have children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in your family, we hope you have the opportunity to share and enjoy this special day with them.
Connecting Through Christ
V acation Bible School
June 26 - 30
Vacation Bible School is right around the corner! 
Please consider volunteering - the children need you. 

Come join us and Crestfield Confluence as they host VBS this year! Mark your calendars for June 26-30, 9:00am - noon for  BRANCHING OUT- Connecting through Christ  here at the church. Look for the sign-up sheets in the Narthex Hallway. 

Contact  Barb Clark i f you have questions.  

More information 

Register your child(ren)  here .
Worship This Sunday

Promise and Fulfillment, Rev. Jane Esterline
Liturgist:  Julia Zurbach
Music:  David Daugherty, Director of Music, Glen Wissner, soloist
Stephen Minister Sue Swick  will be available for prayer after worship
Chancel flowers are provided to the glory of God by Peggy and Dave Meister, in memory of loved ones
Lemonade on the Lawn will follow at 11am, hosted by:  Presbyterian Women 
The Nursery is unsupervised this morning. Please feel free to use the Nursery, though. You can listen to the Worship Service via the speaker provided. We apologize, and thank you for understanding. 

Please call 
Sarah Jane Beorn
 at 724-935-8632
, or click on her name at left to send email. 
She will be  happy to connect you with a friendly Northmont driver.
This Sunday . . .

Promise and Fulfillment

If we were to ask father Abraham, I think he would gladly say that waiting on the Lord is a lifetime job. He did not begin the job until he was 75 years old, but he was committed to the end. Abraham would attest both that God's promises are sure and always fulfilled, and we wait upon the Lord, because that is the best way to live, not just to see God's promises fulfilled.
In Case You Missed It . . .

You can listen to audio from last Sunday's worship service here.

Audio from previous services is available on our Web site.

From the Interim Pastor

New this summer: pictures will be added to our church directory. Thanks to the talents of photographers Rhonda Horton and Bill Goff the church office will be adding individual or family pictures to our church data base. This will allow the office to prepare an updated church directory with pictures. Bill and Rhonda will be on hand on various Sunday's to take candid or posed pictures of you which will then be uploaded to our church data system. The pictures will be casual but enjoyable, most of them will be taken during fellowship. Bill and Rhonda may tap your shoulder on a Sunday and ask you to smile for a picture. Alternately, you may email a family picture to Linda in the office that can be included in the church data base. We just ask that the picture be fairly recent. Let's either avoid pictures prior to 1968 or dedicate a separate page to those Kodak moments.
Our goal is to have as many pictures as possible by the end of summer so we can have a new picture directory sometime in the fall. If you would like to purchase an informal, church printed directory with photos there will be charge. If you would like to view your photos they will be included on a photo page on the church website.
Thank you for bringing your Spirit-inspired smiles to Northmont!
Praying the Psalms
Thursdays in the Berean room at 10:00am. We will be reading Psalm 5 this week.

Congregational Meeting Today
Session is calling a congregational meeting after worship today to elect two new elders to session. The Nominating Committee is presenting Larry Anderson and Chris Rosenthal to serve as elders of Northmont. Please make plans to be present for this important meeting in the life of our congregation.

Doc's Clef Notes

Watch this space for news and notes about music  programs and programming at  Northmont. 

This week, Glen Wissner will sing , "I Believe,"  as our offertory.

See you in church,

Impact Bible Study continues at 9am in the Berean Room with a new study on the book of Acts.
Adult Bible Study continues at 9am in the Malawi Room.

KIDS KIRK   is on hiatus for the summer. Kids, grab your bags from the narthex. 
Did you attend Vacation Bible School as a child? Some of the best memories of being a child for me were from VBS!  Won't you help make lasting memories with us this year?  We need helpers to decorate the church the week before VBS, on June 19, 21, 23 and 25. We need crafty people to help with the craft time tables. We need smiling faces for the greeter table. Do you like to play games? At least one adult is needed to go to Camp Crestfield with the children, Wednesday, June 28. Do you have a nursing background? We can use all kinds of people in all kinds of areas! You will be exhausted at the noon hour, but you will have a smile on your face. Please come join us this year. Mark your calendars for June 26 - 30  from 9 am - 12 noon,  for  BRANCHING OUT- Connecting through Christ . Look for the sign-up sheets in the Narthex Hallway.  

Contact Barb Clark  if you have questions.  More information 
Register your child(ren)  here.

WEDNESDAY CLUB is finished for this session. Please watch for the next session to begin! We so enjoyed learning about David, the shepherd boy, dressing up like kings, and fighting Goliath. The children took with them this teaching: What great and wonderful things God can do if we listen, praise and follow his instructions!

This Week at 
Northern Allegheny Heritage Center
Tuesday morning at 8:30

Extra Caring Sunday
Our Stephen Ministers invite you to be Extra Caring today. Greet everyone with a smile. Ask them how they really are. Give them an extra hug. Find out if there is anything you can do for them. And let's make Northmont an extra earing place not only today, but every Sunday, and every day.

If you would like to know more about Stephen Ministry, please contact
Nancy Garver at 724-935-2194, or  email her

 is making hospital calls this week. 
She can be reached at
412-369-7973 or email her

The dee pest sympathy and sincerest condolences of the Northmont congregation are extended to Frank Finley, upon the passing to eternal life of his wife, Martha, Wednesday, June 14. Funeral details are not yet finalized.

Please remember the following people in your prayers:

Crete Vandeval
Martha Finley
Mac McCartney
Howard Womsley
Tammy Drumheller, daughter of Doug & Jean Drumheller 
Thelma Boul 
Dorothea Fisher 
Dave Hawbaker 
Frank Simons 
Dorothy Schuette
Larry Anderson 
Duane & Liz Bowers 
Jill Gable
Cheryl Spahr Glass, Gwen Spahr's daughter
Jane Depee
Gwen Spahr
Annette Curtis
Sallie Fisher
Bob Guckert
Rich Jones
Jon & Tamey Manalli, niece & nephew of Sandy Guckert
Debbie Turner, Cathy Koehler's cousin
Ginny Thomas
Tami Dixon
Iris McManus
Rita Raymond, Shirley Raymond's daughter-in-law
Joseph Shamm
Molly, friend of Sharon Walston
Mary Lou Craig 
Herb Costolo
Mia Boccardi
Ed Vincent
Mary Lou Hughes, Judy Ehrhardt's mother
Andrea Spahr Albert, Gwen Spahr's daughter, on the recent passing of her husband, Bryan
Jackson Edwards, Barb Clark's grandson
Marilyn, Diane Goff's friend
Linda Ruth, on the death of her husband
Bill Legansky
Janet Hoegel
Adrian Barhite, great-niece of Julia & Alan Zurbach
Pam Bragunien, Bonnie Egyed's aunt
Randy, a friend of the Spahr family
Melissa Jolliff, Jeff Morris' sister
Jim Hrebenar, son of Mike & Polly Hrebenar, friends of Jeff & Gerri Morris, 
A friend of Project Linus, recently diagnosed with advanced stage lung cancer, now diagnosed with ovarian cancer
Giadanna Muto, friend of Frank Caputo
Rick & Sandy Beatty, Gerri Morris's neighbors
Skye Graham, Cheryl English's neighbor
Dean Starke, Anne Schwendeman's brother
Dom Santaguida, Cheryl English's daughter Beth's father in law
Sandy Busse's husband Jack
Mrs. Arthur
Members of the congregation who are seeking employment
All the men and women of our Armed Forces and our Veterans

Mia Boccardi
124 Point Vue Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Helen Robbins
1111 ALC Drive
Verona, PA 15147

18 Fathers Day

am Adult Education Berean Room, Mangochi Room
am Worship  Sanctuary
Lemonade on the Lawn

am Lemonade on the Lawn
Lawn or Library
am Youth Group Youth Lounge
pm Alcoholics Anonymous Fellowship Hall

Boy Choir Board Library
Boy Scouts Mangochi Room, Fellowship Hall

Northern Allegheny Heritage Center
Mangochi Room
Wednesd ay
June 21

am Knitters
Mangochi Room
pm Grief Support Group Berean Room
Scouts PLC meeting Mangochi Room
Thursday June 22

10:00 am Praying The Psalms Berean Room
7:00 pm Scout Committee Mangochi Room

am Stretch & Grow
Child Development Center


am Adult Education Berean Room, Mangochi Room
10:00 am Worship Sanctuary
11:00 am Lemonade on the Lawn Lawn or Library
11:00 am Youth Group Youth Lounge
8:00 pm Alcoholics Anonymous Fellowship Hall

We'd love to hear from you!

Rev. Jane Esterline, Interim Pastor

David Daugherty, Organist & Director of Music

Barb Clark, Spiritual Formation Director for Children's Ministry

Northmont Child Development Center
Amy Beiber, Director

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