Are you ready to be the next social butterfly?

Yesterday I posted on my Facebook profile how much I enjoy watching my clients showcasing their butterfly wings all over the social media streets.  Every coach wants to see that their clients are having success with what they've learned.

What I love about group training is that I can help someone change their mindset about promotion which results in them being more consistent with their promotion. One of my main goals is my clients GET what I teach them. To me that is the most exciting part of my job seeing them do the work and getting the results that they've always wanted.

Group training not only keeps your accountable, but it also helps me stay accountable with my own promotion. I'm not one of those coaches who say do what I say; I'm doing the WORK too.

Group training helps me to get to know my clients and their promotion needs because they feel a little more comfortable coming out of their cocoons in a group setting.  Inside the group, we celebrate our successes together. We rant about our failures.  We create strategies that give us amazing results with our promotion.

With any coaching you want to feel like you are getting your money's worth and see results too. With The Promotion Group Tea, I know when my clients leave the training. They come away with a promotion strategy they can use throughout their career. If they work their strategy, they will become more consistent with their promotion because they now have a promotion mindset that they can ROCK their promotion, get their books in front of new readers and become the successful author they dreamed of being.

I'm opening up 5 slots for May. 
Will you be the next butterfly?


May 1 - July 31, 2017

This program isn't for you:

If you are not ready to put in the promotion work - it takes time to promote and you need to schedule your time for promoting.

Are not ready to invest in yourself and your book.

This program is for you if you:

Don't have a promotion plan and need help creating one.
Know that being inconsistent is costing you readers.
Want to learn how to create promotional content.
Need the accountability to keep you on track.
Are ready to put in the work needed to become the social butterfly you are meant to be. 

Are you ready to take your promotion to the next level?

Register for the Promotion Tea and let's work on turning you into that beautiful social butterfly.

Promotion Tea with LaShaunda Includes:
Monthly 60 min group telephone sessions
1 45 Minute Virtual Tea Session to determine your promotion needs
PDF Copy Of A Promotion Calendar
PDF Copy Of Building Online Relationships
MP3 copy of sessions
Monthly Worksheets
Weekly Assignments
Weekly Challenges
Membership in Private FB Group
The best part about group sessions:

Action steps for you promotion plan
Personal coaching
Group accountability
Sharing promotion ideas
You are a not alone in this promotion journey
You make new friends
You learn from their experiences while sharing your experiences
Help with promotion homework
Join me in the Promotion Tea With LaShaunda today and receive: a Book Teaser Ad to start your 2017 promotions.

I'm also offering a payment plan - $99.00 a month

If you have any questions, please
 email -

Have you been on the fence about working with me?

I created this video about what to expect from working with me. Click the video and learn more about Virtual Tea With LaShaunda.

Do You Need A Promotion Coach/Strategist?
Do You Need A Promotion   Coach/Strategist?

Group Testimonial


I'm going to be honest. When I started the Virtual Tea With LaShaunda I thought I would get a few good tips concerning online marketing, enjoy friendly chitchat with the other participants and then call it an evening.


As it turned out I should have taken some kind of mental ( and possibly physical ) endurance training first. Virtual Tea With LaShaunda isn't a nice, quiet way to spend some time with a friend. It is an intense program where if you put the work in, you will see results-and learn a few new skills in the process. She leads you step by step into creating your personalized marketing plan including providing the worksheets (this means there is homework. Yes, homework!


There are no pie in the sky promises about what will happen when you have finished the course. LaShaunda makes sure that you understand increasing your visibility/marketing is a process. Her realistic method of walking you through the steps of creating and implementing a viable online marketing campaign is probably covered on some university's curriculum at great expense but here LaShaunda gives you the keys to the kingdom. You just have to open the door. If you put in the work (using her words) it will work for you!


If you are not a marketing genius or up on the various ways you can use social media and the internet to boost your business, this is the place to be!


Jeanette Hill -