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Jimmy DeYoung's Prophetic Update
March 6, 2014
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March 9 - 11
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March 16
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July 14 - 18
Sacandaga Bible Conference
Broadalbin, NY


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Jimmy DeYoung
Jimmy's News Update


On our latest broadcast of Prophecy Today Weekend, we spoke with analysts around the world about the key events taking place that seem to be setting the stage for Bible prophecy to be fulfilled. We discussed Iran's threat to "liberate" Jerusalem from the Jewish state of Israel, the situation in the Ukraine, along with some of the history of that important part of the world, and we discussed a group of so-called Christians who claim that God is finished with the Jewish people.  We then took a look at the Book to see what God's Word has to say about His plan for the Jewish people in the Last Days.


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Jimmy DeYoung's Ministry Update

Dr. & Mrs. Jimmy DeYoung
Dr. & Mrs.
Jimmy DeYoung 

This last week Judy and I were at Louisiana Baptist University in Shreveport, Louisiana, with students from all across America, and even one form Sweden who flew in for the conference. School of Prophets and LBU partnered for this conference to do four modules in our post-graduate program.

I taught the book of Revelation, Jimmy Jr. taught Daniel, Dave James taught "God's Plan Through the Ages" and all three of us team-taught a new course, "Introduction to Your Study of Bible Prophecy". We all had a great time and the students were well pleased with teaching, but some did have brain overload.

We also reached across the nation and around the world with our live streaming of the sessions on "USTREAM". It was great to hear from some of these students. They were able to save the money for transportation and sit in their comfortable homes and get all the sessions. You can get access to these sessions, call and ask how at 423.825.6247.

This conference was not for the prophecy teachers that use sensationalism to get the interest of the attendees, it was for the serious student. We are going to do the conference on a yearly basis and we are looking for you to join us. By the way, anyone who missed any and/or all of the sessions can get them on our website. Please call 423.825.6247 and make your order for the sessions.

From Shreveport, we traveled to Montgomery, Alabama, for a major "radio rally". Our friends, and partners in ministry, Faith Radio put on a Radio Rally that was amazing. Frazer Memorial Church in Montgomery also helped sponsor the two-day conference and were gracious host for the rally. The Conference was Sunday and Monday evenings but they ask me to speak in a Sunday School class which had 850 people show for the teaching. What a time we had!

On both of the evening meetings the crowds were great, and the people so respective to the teaching of Bible prophecy. We began each evening with Prophecy Question and Answer sessions and it was a time of teaching as well as answering the questions. I love Prophecy Q & A!

Judy and I are home for a couple days before we head out again. Some people ask us how we keep up our pace, it's because we both realize the times we are living in and understand that the Rapture could happen at any moment. We need to get this message out to as many people as possible before the Rapture so that all might be prepared for Jesus calling us up to meet Him in the air. It really could happen today. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!


- Jimmy & Judy DeYoung