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Jimmy DeYoung's Prophetic Update
November 6, 2013
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November 10 - 12
First Coast Baptist Church
Jacksonville, FL

November 17 - 19
First Baptist Church Indian Trail - East Campus
Marshville, NC

November 24
Ino Baptist Church
Ina, AL

December 1
New Rocky Creek Baptist Church
Mansfield, GA

December 8-9
Calvary Bible Church
Huntsville, AL

December 21
Trinity Baptist Church
Calhoun, GA

December 29
Woodland Park Baptist Church
Chattanooga, TN

January 2-4, 2014
Contend 2014: A Student Worldview Weekend
Covenant Baptist Church
Collierville, TN 


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Jimmy DeYoung Jimmy's News Update


This week on Prophecy Today Weekend, our broadcast partners discussed events that give us evidence that the End Times scenario in God's prophetic Word will soon be fulfilled.  One of the stories was a report that more and more Christians are removing their support from the Jewish state of Israel to the Palestinian people.  This report was surprising, but does make sense in light of the fact that many Christians are abandoning the study of Bible prophecy. We took a look at the Book to see why it is so important not to neglect the prophetic portions of God's Word.


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Jimmy DeYoung's Ministry Update

Dr. & Mrs. Jimmy DeYoung
Dr. & Mrs.
Jimmy DeYoung 

After traveling 1,200 miles from Maine to Tennessee we had a blessed one-day prophecy conference at the Bayside Baptist Church in Harrison, Tennessee. I'll have more on that in just a moment. But first, let me share about another blessed prophecy conference in the state of Maine.

Judy and I had a three-day prophecy conference at First Baptist Church in Waldoboro, Maine, which brought people from all over the county-side to study the prophetic passages of the Bible that almost seems to be "pre-written history" for our day. Many of those attending the conference have been listening to our daily and weekly radio broadcast that have been heard on WBCI for years.

Not only did we have a great time of studying God's Word, but the Lord blessed Judy and me, by using Pastor Jon Vermillon and his precious wife. The Pastor actually got up early one morning, went to the Maine coast and got 12 fresh lobster and prepared them for a special lunch for us. Now that is what I call a treat for the traveling Bible teacher. I look forward to other pastors following the example of Pastor Jon! Ha, ha!

First Baptist in Waldoboro is a great church in a very tough area of our world as it relates to winning souls and building a church. Pastor Jon and his team are doing a wonderful job for the glory of the Lord. Please pray for this ministry and their outreach in Maine.

Now back to that 1,200 mile trip back to Tennessee. We traveled all day Saturday before arriving home. It is a blessing to be home for a couple days; it's a rare threat for Judy and me. However, the real treat after traveling all that distance was our one-day prophecy conference at Bayside Baptist in Harrison, Tennessee. Pastor Eric Stitts and his people at Bayside were ready to study Bible prophecy, and come to a better understanding of how current events fit into God's End Times scenario.

Bayside Baptist has a great music program and after their morning musical presentation the church was so ready for the teaching of the Word. The Prophecy Q & A before the evening service was so well attended and it was a wonderful learning time as the questions were answered from the Bible, not my opinion. I love Prophecy Q & A.

Pastor Eric shared with me about the church plan to reach the neighborhoods in Harrison and it is not only a great plan to win many people to Christ, but a terrific why to build into the Christians in the church. Another blessing to our ministry was the decision by the leadership of the church to join our ministry of traveling to Israel where we will continue our prophecy conference.

The Lord has really blessed Judy and me in the ministry He has given to us, traveling from church to church to teach the prophetic passages of the Bible, what God has to tell us about the future, and to let them understand how close we are the next event in God's plan for the future, the Rapture of the Church. It could happen at any moment. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!


- Jimmy & Judy DeYoung