Protect Hopi Water: Hopi and the World:
Stop Senate Bill 2019

Stop the buying and selling of life through water; stop US Senate Bill 2109. We the Hopi are Caretakers of the Earth, of humanity, of all life. We encourage you to join us in protecting the life giving elements in the world for future generations. Without water, we all cease to exist. Buying and selling water, is buying and selling life.

Protect Hopi WaterThis is not a part of the natural balance. Around the world we must join together to stop the destructive path we are currently on and protect life itself.

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To: Barack Obama; President of the United States; United States of America, Jon Kyl, John McCain, Ken Salazar, Wendell Honanie, Senate Select Committee, Democratic Policy Committee, Republican Policy Committee, Speaker of the House, Michael Bennet, Barbara Baxter, Thad Cochran, Susan Collins, Michael Enzi, Dianne Feinstein, Chuch Grassley, Tom Harkin, Orrin G Hatch, Kay Bailey Hutchinson: Senator, Daniel K Inouye, John F Kerry, Frank R Lautenberg, Patrick J Leahy, Carl Levin; Senator, Joseph I Lieberman; Senator, Mitch McConnell, Barbara Mikulski, Patty Murray, Harry Reid, John D Rockefeller, Richard C Shelby, Olympia J Snowe, Mark R Warner, Ron Wyden

The Hopi call on all people from around the world to protect the element of water. life itself, for all people, for all life on this planet.
We, the Traditional Hopi people as Caretakers of the land are asking you to now come forward in your communities to protect the waters in your area as well as help us stop the United States Senate from passing Senate Bill 2109.

For the first time in history the True Hopi Leaders of the Mother Village of Shungopavi are speaking to the public. They share a warning for the world that the Prophecies of the their Ancestors is now taking place.

Each year we plant our Sacred Corn in the dry sand fields of the Arizona desert. Calling for the rain clouds to come and bless our people, our crops and all the world in our Ceremonies. We follow in the footsteps of our Ancestors we have followed for thousands of years.

We the True Traditional Hopi Indians of Arizona request respectfully an immediate and complete stop to Senate Bill 2109 from being passed. This Bill and its companion Bill will give private corporations the rights to our water with immunity to pollute, waste and sell the element of life itself, water.
Your support is needd to stop the prophecies of our Ancestors from unfolding and protect all life on the planet. This is a warning to the world, if the waters are taken from our people, the world will dry up.


Join us in Protecting Life, Protecting the Future and Protecting the Life of Water.

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