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News and Articles by Dr. Edward Wagner DCFebruary 2012

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Old Age Syndrome


The first step towards old age is sarcopenia, which means muscle wasting. It is basically the cause of being frail. Muscle wasting goes along with osteoporosis. Add brain degeneration to the mix and you get what I call old age syndrome. And what is the result of old age syndrome? It's a burden on your family or others and to yourself, hell on earth. The last 10 to 15 years of life can be so miserable that you can forget entirely all the good memories. It is just waiting for death.


All this starts around 45 years old. There is a slow decrease in muscle mass per year, about 1%. After 60 it increases to 15% per decade. What does it mean to you? It means you lose the ability to do chores, take walks, climb stairs, and have fun. Weakness leads to the fear of falls, which leads to greater avoidance of physical effort, which creates even greater weakness. Here is a perspective that you can relate to.


My mother died last year at the age of 89. Except for seeing a cardiologist occasionally, she hardly ever sought the services of a medical doctor. She was not over weight, and took care of herself until the last week.


What were her secrets?


1. She took a walk 3 times a day

2. She went to the gym and performed resistance training

   with the machines 3 to 5 times a week. These were

   20 to 30 minute sessions.

3. She did not eat junk food, especially pastries.

4. She took nutritional supplements

5. She never ate pork or shellfish and avoided chicken


What are some key signs at 45 to 50 years old that predicts whether a person will end up developing old age syndrome?


The first is the percentage of body fat compared to lean body mass. Ideally men should be around 17% body fat or less and women not more than 23%. I see a large percentage of my patients with body fat percentage above 30 and some above 40. There is little muscle tone, and in fact, the muscles are infiltrated with fat, like highly marbled steaks. When muscles become infiltrated with fat they become weak, inflamed and the structure becomes easily destabilized, this is the foundation for neck and back, knee, and shoulder pain.


The second is osteopenia or osteoporosis. This is a state of weak bones from chronic mineral deficiency, lack of resistance exercise, a deficiency of hormones and chronic deficiency of protein with excessive carbohydrate intake.


Thirdly, movement is a key factor. Movement is life and life is movement. Lack of movement leads to muscle wasting, joint stiffing, poor circulation, metabolic stagnation, weight gain and many more.


The fourth is inadequate stimulation of the mind. This is almost always from a lack of participation in activities which involve social interaction. Of course, when you have no muscles, are osteoporotic and have lost your ability to move or desire to move, you have less movement, less activities and less active social interaction.


What is the answer? Well, the first thing to do is loose any excessive weight. The loss of the weight will lead to feeling better, less pain in the body, more movement, more activities, the desire to exercise and as a result, a greater desire to live and engage in inspiring creative activities and social activities. I have a simple product, 4 capsules per day which will lead to a 6 lb. loss or more per month. If you are in this bracket or want to not fall prey to it, start on them by calling the office and ask for Sandra. Also, start a regular health enhancement program of treatments which will turn on the light switches of life, physically and mentally.


Let our team revive your life force and create a new youthful you. If you are doing well, maintain it. If you know a family member or friend who is on the way to old age syndrome, bring them in. Tell everyone there is an answer and that they don't have to go down that road. We are here for everyone.


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