Dear APPNA members:

This year, we have been committed to play our role in our communities here is USA. One of the most important new initiatives this year is the APPNA - USA college scholarship fund.

This fund is for Pakistani children going to high school in USA and applying to college but facing hardship in paying for tuition. Strict income criteria were used to identify deserving candidates. Fund raising was performed by personal philanthropic donations and fund raising during APPNA summer meeting which resulted in a collection of $67,500. The scholarship was advertised in Pakistani TV channels. A total of 15 candidates were considered and met all of the pre-established criteria.

We are proud to share that APPNA will be giving 15 scholarships of $2500 each to these students and has committed to another scholarship of $2500 next year to 12 of these students due to severe financial need. This commitment is only if they continue to meet our criteria and maintain a strong GPA.

All of this may not be possible without the financial commitment of APPNA membership and leadership provided by Dr Nasar Qureshi.

Thank you APPNA.

S. Faisal Jafri, MD
Chair, APPNA college scholarship fund
Farid U. Qazi, MD
Amera Rehman, MD

Maimoona Shaikh , MD
Association of Physicians of Pakistani-descent of North America (APPNA)
M. Nasar Qureshi, MD
Sajid Chaudhary, MD
Iqbal Z. Hamid, MD
Dawood Nasir, MD
Mubasher E. Rana, MD
Immediate Past President 
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