May 2015

Supporting Cardiovascular Health

OLECOL® is a natural ingredient, which supports cardiovascular health by inducing beneficial changes in the blood lipid profile and improving the plasma antioxidant status. 

* Standardized olive extract for healthy blood lipids
* Clinically evaluated
* EFSA-claim (LDL oxidation)
* Water soluble

* Excellent bioavailability 

* Active dose: 500mg daily

Blood Lipids and Cardiovascular Health
Blood lipids fulfill physiologically important roles, however, a bad blood lipid profile (high LDL-cholesterol; low HDL-cholesterol; high triglyceride levels) and oxidation of blood lipids are risk factors for cardiovascular disease.

OLECOL®: Blood Lipid Control
OLECOL® is a polyohenol extract from olive that has been clinically shown to improve both, the blood lipid profile and the plasma antioxidant status. The key component of OLECOL® is oleuropein, a powerful phytonutrient unique to the olive tree.


Including OLECOL® as part of a heart-healthy lifestyle is an effective way to help maintain cardiovascular health.

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