March 9, 2017

 ASTHO Hill Week Media Coverage:

  • ASTHO issued a press release on Wednesday’s congressional briefing advocating for sustained investment in Prevention and Public Health Fund programs.
  • ASTHO Executive Director Michael Fraser released a statement in response to the ACA replacement bill.
  • Michael Fraser spoke to NBC News encouraging policymakers to protect public health’s core infrastructure.
  • CNN published an article featuring ASTHO’s response to proposed ACA repeal bill cuts to both CDC and the Prevention and Public Health Fund.
  • The Washington Post featured ASTHO in an article discussing the impact of ACA repeal on crucial public health funds.
  • STAT published an article detailing how ACA repeal combined with federal budget cuts could put CDC in peril.
  • ASTHO appeared in Bloomberg BNA explaining how ACA repeal would raid vaccine program funds.
  • The Journal of Public Health Management & Practice released a media advisory on ASTHO’s work and the importance of educating lawmakers about the impact of funding cuts on state public health capacity.

Other News:

  • ASTHO signed on to a letter urging President Trump to support the state and territorial public health workforce.
  • The Association of Public Health Laboratories interviewed ASTHO Executive Director Michael Fraser on public health priorities and challenges.
  • The House Ways and Means Committee unveiled the American Health Care Act, along with section-by-section and overall summaries.
  • On March 22, ASTHO will host a symposium on nonpartisan, consensus-driven approaches to public health challenges, such as climate change, reproductive health, and firearm safety.
  • A new CDC report shows birth defects in Zika pregnancies are 20 times higher than in pre-Zika years. 
  • CDC released a new report on U.S. drug overdose deaths.
  • The Alzheimer’s Association released a report on the prevalence, mortality, and morbidity of Alzheimer’s disease nationally.
This week, action on Capitol Hill is centered around debate on the American Health Care Act, the Republicans’ long-awaited legislation to replace ACA. The House Ways and Means Committee became the first panel to approve the bill, but passage is still far from assured. 
ASTHO is currently tracking a variety of state legislation that expands access to contraceptives through insurance coverage requirements, allows pharmacists to dispense contraceptives, and supports the use of long-acting reversible contraceptives methods.
Approximately 25 percent of health agencies are involved in overseeing health professional licensure.
ASTHO hosted a congressional briefing on Capitol Hill this week, convening two dozen state and territorial public health leaders, among them Jay Butler, Brenda Fitzgerald, Celeste Philip, Catherine Heigel, and Larry Wolk, who spoke on topics such as environmental health, Zika response, the opioid epidemic, and the importance of maintaining the Prevention and Public Health Fund to sustain core public health programs and infrastructure.
Larry Wolk, MD, is executive director and chief medical officer of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Since joining the agency, Wolk’s mission has been to simplify the health system for Colorado’s citizens and position the department as the leader in providing evidence-based health and environmental information. 

This week on, check out the article, "Integration in Action: Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Advances Healthy Connections," which describes how the health department is linking clinical care, community-based organizations, and social services to transform the primary care system. “Public health in Idaho has been actively involved in SIM work from its inception in 2011," says Elke Shaw-Tulloch, state health official and administrator of Idaho’s Division of Public Health. "We are using our expertise as conveners to develop and implement innovative solutions to healthcare."