Public Private Partnerships 

Education Training and Jobs in Tourism and the Environment

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Public Private Partnerships
The Education and Training Project
The Tourism Project
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Winter, 2013

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Public Private Partnerships

The Arezza Network partners with schools, museums, nonprofits and local government in communities around the world that require certifications, curricula and professional development programs; the focus is on tourism and the environment. 


The Public Private Partnership is open ended and can be terminated at any time, subject to a 60 day notice and completion of tasks already underway. In addition, it:

  • operates in accordance with local laws, and
  • any new businesses and joint ventures that may result are separate entities from the Partnership itself.

The Education and Training Project  

This project utilizes two mechanisms to implement environmental training programs: technology transfers and

the training of trainers. Objectives include: 

  • Development and/or acquisition of curricula
  • Training of the Trainers
  • Creation of new businesses and employment opportunities with the newly acquired skills 

Fields od Study include:

  1. renewable energy - wind and solar
  2. watershed and storm water management
  3. landscape architecture and green roofs
  4. sustainable tourism service
  5. sustainable food practices and management 

The Tourism Project 

The working relationship and project objectives with Tourism Promotion and Convention Visitors Bureaus includes the: 

  • marketing and management of new clients
  • creation of new local businesses and job opportunities
  • selection of existing local service providers
  • resources for travel by CVB staff
  • elect or decline participation in the new small businesses
  • point of contact with local and national government
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