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Paws in Stripes is a collaboration between the Animal Welfare Society and the Maine Correctional Center (MCC) in Windham

Puppies spend six weeks housed directly with their inmate handlers. Handlers learn training methods in weekly obedience classes taught by AWS staff. Puppies learn crucial social skills in their daily interactions with their handlers, other inmates, prison staff and fellow puppies. They return to AWS crate-trained, house-broken and know basic commands.


The inmate handlers keep detailed journals outlining their puppy's progress for the duration of the program. 

"Sebago is an amazing girl. She will love you forever and always be loyal. She will complete your family in more ways than one. She loves to snuggle and give kisses. She will be missed by many and loved by more."

"Whoever gets Murphy will be very pleased. He will make someone a great pet. He's very obedient. He will stay right by your side and come on command once you build a little bond with him. I hope he goes to a good home where someone can enjoy him as much as I have."

"Tacoma is a genuine girl. She'll make you smile everyday. She's so smart and listens really well. She will be a loyal dog to anyone that adopts her."

"Riley is a really good puppy. He loves people and likes to play fetch the bone. He's growing fast and it's been a joy taking care of him. The Paws in Stripes program is a real good program." 
Paws in Stripes graduates will be at the PetSmart in Biddeford Crossing for a special adoption event this Sunday.

SUNDAY, Sept 18th - 
10 am - 2 pm 

Due to the excitement surrounding puppies, AWS staff will be present at PetSmart starting at 7 am on Sunday to hand out numbers to those standing in line. All adoptions are on a first come, first served basis.

Dogs can be adopted directly from the event; new owner must either bring or purchase a leash and collar before their new pet can go home.


The puppies recently posed for their mugshots.  To learn more about adopting them, visit our website .


Support Paws in Stripes with a donation of puppy food, training treats or chew toys. We are also happy to accept monetary donations and Amazon Gift Cards to ensure we can purchase what the growing puppies need throughout the six week program.

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