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National Nutrition Month

Put your best fork forward this month by taking these steps toward a healthier diet!  Are these drastic changes? Start by implementing them with your client!

Start by tackling just one of the goals, then the next, and the next...till they start to come naturally.

Meet Le ah...

As the Lead Scheduling Coordinator, Leah Sellers ensures that every client has the care they need, day or night.  She works endlessly to make sure that the match between client and caregiver is just right.  Leah has been in the health care field for nearly 20 years on both the clinical and administrative side.  Her education as a Certified Nursing Assistant provides her with insight into being a caregiver.  Leah is very passionate about getting to know both the caregivers and the clients to not only ensure a good match but simply to learn about people and their stories.  She gets lots of fulfillment out of helping families through that difficult first call about their loved one needing care to the days when they have been matched with the appropriate caregiver.  When Leah isn't working she is doing beautiful paintings with acrylic and spending time with her family, two cats and a dog!

"I would say that my biggest accomplishment in the homecare field is that I have truly
helped families in need and that is something that I always carry with me"
Happy Birthday!

Javana Baker
Lupita Guadalupe
Agatha Edwin
Vera Larez
Sharon Leebl
Susan Nunley
Joan Rhoden
Beatrice Romero
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