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Newsletter for The Healing Center of Lakeview, Michigan March, 2017
"Healing Health Fair"

  The Healing Center, 
332 S. Lincoln Ave., 
Lakeview, MI 48850
Saturday, March 25th
10 am to 5:00 pm
"Join us for a day full of 
Cleansing, Healing and Rejuvenating."

Foot Detox, 
Migan Bed Therapy,
Health Compass Reading 

Special Package:
$80 package (all four) for only $50.
 $20 each for each ½ Hour session

Specialized Natural Healers: 
Chair Massage
Light Touch Healing 
Body Mechanics 
Jin Shin Jyutsu Healing 
Cranial Sacral
1/2 hour -$25    1 hour - $50

Spiritual Readers/Counselors:     
 Joan Cranmore
Jewel Sheldon
Diane Brown
Nancy Buikema

$45 -1/2 hour
Sales throughout the store...

Drawings and Door Prizes
for appointments
 or make them at the door

Treat yourself to a special day

Barb and Bob Huttinga

  Brother Gregorio
Spiritual Healer 
 the Philippines

Free Lecture
The Healing Center
332 S. Lincoln Ave.
Lakeview Mich

Thursday Evening
April 6, 2017
7:00 - 8:00pm

Brother Gregorio
What is Spiritual Healing?

Brother Gregorio is a Spiritual Healer much like John of God from Brazil. At the age of nine he began his training and his work as a healer. He now travels around the US, working with individuals who wish to experience this form of healing. He performs painless hands-on spiritual surgury on the physical body as well as healing the ancestral lineage of genetic memories that are causing issues in our lives. Barb and I met Brother Gregorio this winter and felt it was an experience we wanted to share with our  open-minded friends. 

 Join us for the free 
Thursday night introductory session.

Then schedule an individual healing session 
with Brother Gregorio during the day from 
Friday, April 7 through Monday, April 10.

For more information,
or to 
sign up for the introductory lecture,
a healing session:


Book now as the schedule 
is filling up quickly

Join us for the Thursday night introductory session (April 6, 7-8pm) so you can understand and get the full benefit from a very special healing experience

Retirement ??

There is a rumor going around that I am going to retire. For some people this time in life is something they look forward to with great anticipation so they can end their job and do nothing. For me, retirement is a time to transition into doing something else.  It is true, this April, I will turn 66 years old. That just does not seem possible. I will be making some changes in my work at The Healing Center. 

I am going to be reducing my work hours down to two days per week. I am going to limit my patients to three categories: 1. CDL/DOT driver physical exams, 2. Patients on natural thyroid and hormone replacement therapy, and 3. the special cases. This latter group of special cases are: situations where no one seems to know what is going on. Unusual chronic illnesses. Cancer cases. Autistic kids. ADD kids. Unusual cases that need natural and traditional treatment are people that I really like to see. 

On my "off" days I will continue to write books and blog as well as create natural health training programs for health care providers and patients. I will also continue speaking, teaching, and building my programs around the book, 
A Shortcut to Success which is being retitled to, 
Why Settle for Average, Be AmaZing. A Prescription for Success in Relationships, Career, Recreation, Money, and Health.

I am happy to announce that we will be joined by PA Sarah Vanderhoof two or three days per week. She will be taking over the care of any general medicine patients who wish to continue their care here at The Healing Center as well as building her own clientele. She is a young enthusiastic healer who is learning natural medicine, and I will be mentoring her as she masters the art of integrating traditional and natural medicine together to help people in the best way possible. She will also be working with Dr Gaffney in his Stanton office.

The rest of the story is that The Healing Center as a business is for sale. We plan to continue to own the building and live upstairs, but will sell the business to anyone interested in owning a Natural Health Store and Healing Center. Anyone interested can contact Barb at  thehealingcenter332@gmail.com or me at  bob.huttinga@gmail.com. The sale will include the business name and the Put Your Health in Your Own Hands brand, the store inventory, fixtures, supplies, computers, etc. We have hired a business broker to help us with this process. The broker will also be able to help the buyer to get financed so there is a smooth transition.

We plan to hold some weekend retreats, offer training sessions and classes in our home above the Healing Center. We will also have rooms to rent for out of town guests who need a place to stay for a night or two.

For us, this is a year of change. New goals, New dreams, New travels. Retirement means changes, not termination.

Homeopathic Housecall

This is a subscription service that
will guide your selection of what homeopathic
remedy to use in First Aid situations



Trained as a Certified Physician Assistant, Bob works at The Healing Center in Lakeview, Michigan, where he practices Traditional, Herbal, and Homeopathic Medicine. As a Certified Hypnotherapist, he can help change how the past effects your physical, mental, and emotional health. (Most major insurances accepted.)   He is the author of Put Your Health in Your Own Hands, A Shortcut to Success, and four Mind Coaching CDs.


Barb is a licensed Massage Therapist and a Naturopathic Educator. As an ordained Minister, she counsels many people as they struggle to find their spiritual path. She hosts a Women's Group to help women of all ages build self esteem and confidence. Barb is also a master at Toe Reading which is a tool used to help people find and heal emotional blocks.

Our Mission: Teach you to Put Your Health in Your Own Hands.

  Barb and Bob in Brazil

Barb and Bob both lecture and are available to present talks on a variety of topics such as Natural health, Homeopathy, Metaphysics, Nutrition, Bio-identical HRT, Self-Mastery, Success, Abundance, Essential Oils, Addictions, etc. Call (989)352-6500 or email  bobhuttinga@healingcenter.biz.


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We are just seeing amazing results as people are using the material in
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