December, 2017 - In This Issue:
Your board of directors 
André Descôteaux
Deschênes et fils Ltée
1st vice-president
Denis Montour 
nd vice-president
Martin Gagnon Emco 
Past president & Treasurer
Sylvain Fournier Moen


Daniel Bégin
Agences Lambert/Bégin

Guy Bergeron

Éric Jacques
Frédérick Lajoie
Entreprises R.Lajoie
Luc Meunier
Bibby Ste-Croix
Carole Moreau
Alain Paquette
Sylvain Perreault
Anvil INTL

Regional Coordinator

Claude Robitaille
Some pictures of the St-James Club Dinner:

CLaude Perry:  40 Years in the Industry

Claude Perry receives an award for his 40 years in the industry

From left to right : Ralph Suppa, President, General Manager CIPH, André Descôteaux (Deschênes & Sons) Chairman of the Board. CIPH Québec, Joe Senese
 (Groupe Deschênes) Chairman of the Board CIPH, Claude Perry (Usines Giant) Prize recipient et Jean-Claude Lesage, Vice-President Usines Giant

A Donation of $1,500 to Habitat for Humanity

During the dinner we made a donation of $1,500 to the Habitat for Humanity
From left to right : Ralph Suppa, President, General Manager CIPH,
Alain Paquette (Wolseley) representative for Habitat for Humanity CIPH Quebec, Clévis Cabrera, Project Manager, Habitat for Humanity, André Descôteaux (Deschênes & Sons) Chairman of the Board CIPH Québec,
Joe Senese  (Groupe Deschênes) Chairman of the Board CIPH

Dear members,
We had a very nice evening on Tuesday, December 5th at Club
St-James. It is always an honour to have as our guests the CEO of our national office, Ralph Suppa, and the chairman of the board, Joe Senese. We must also mention the presence of CMMTQ executive director, André Bergeron, and its president, Marc Gendron.
It dawned on me at the event that time flies and 2017 is practically behind us. In 2018, we will be focusing on increasing the market share of hydronic heating systems in Québec thanks to a media campaign targeting the general public. We will keep you informed of any development.
Also, we will intensify our approach to educational institutions specialized in building and plumbing through our annual Water wise contest during the World Plumbing day  which will be held on March 11th.
Our next event is scheduled for February 22, 2018 in Quebec City. You should receive the details at the beginning of the New Year.
Along with our board members, let me wish you all very merry holidays and all the best for 2018.
André Descôteaux
St-James Dinner - December 5, 2017
Quebec Economy on the Mend!
(Thanks to Luc Boily)

For a second year, the Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating ( CIPH ) held its holiday get-together at the prestigious Club St-James in Montréal. Joe Senese (Groupe Deschênes) and Ralph Suppa-respectively president and executive director of the National Institute-joined in with the one hundred or so members of the provincial chapter for the event. CIPH-president André Descôteaux (Deschênes et Fils) gave a wrap-up of 2017 and thanked committee members for their commitment and continued effort. As tradition will have it, we take this opportunity to recognize our members' involvement and years of service. Working in the industry since 1977, Claude Perry of Usines Giant was honoured for his 40 years (in the industry, of course...). The vice-president of Usines Giant, Jean-Claude Lesage, couldn't help but tease him a bit: those stories do accumulate with the years... He concluded by saying: "Claude is a good-hearted man and a team player."
The speaker for the evening, journalist and business writer René Vézina was back facing the same audience he had five years ago in 2012. He then spoke of "the storm that is blowing across the world" (the Charbonneau commission was then in full swing). There has been water under the bridge (and through the pipes) since then, especially in the last year with Captain Trump at the helm! This year's talk was entitled: "At last, the Quebec economy is improving!" Mr. Vézina explored the solid turnaround and the renewed trust in the future. Favourable winds are blowing across the province, which doesn't mean we should let our guard down in case of a sudden gale such as manpower shortages with the aging population with which many industries have to contend. "The lowest unemployment level in 40 years (5.4%) and an increase in renovation projects figure as solutions for players in your sector," he said.

Emco (Thalassa Decorative Plumbing) has moved

Guy Migneault, Branch Manager, mentioned their new location:  1507, rue de Chinook, Quebec, QC G2K 0M7, Tel.: 418-681-4671
Happy Holiday Season to everyone!