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November is here and this month InsideHeads is celebrating the art of sharing & collaboration.

With the experience of QRCA's annual conference still fresh in my mind, I'm inspired to pay it forward.  In this issue we're passing along some of the best tips we've received from other moderators and small businesses - thoughtful strategies and clever tools that will save you time, energy and yes, even money.  
Our free monthly tutorials continue this month, with a short & spirited presentation and open Q&A on writing great reportsJoin us Tuesday, November 13th at 1pm EST as we
discuss the most effective ways to present research findings to your client.

Please know, the tutorial is not a sales presentation, in case you were secretly hoping.  

To your continued success!

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Giving Homework Assignments? 
Get the creative juices flowing... for free!  
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Take a walk on your creative side and incorporate free, fun tools on the Web into your next focus group. Great for online or face-to-face! Here are a few popular ones moderators have used recently to enhance their own interviews:

Going Mobile?  

Many of these also have free apps for iPhone and Android! 


I'm Sorry, Can You Repeat That?

Say what?With international studies abound, pronouncing participant names correctly can be challenging... Good news!  Now if you can spell it, you can say it. 

Sites like Hear Names and Pronounce Names give you both phonetic spellings and an audio file.  Pronounce Names even offers the origin and meaning of the word.  Thanks!   
Map Easier Than Folding a Map


In our last web tutorial we talked about how to analyze the massive amounts of data in online focus group transcripts. April Bell gave a fun presentation at the annual QRCA conference in Montreal a few weeks ago on mind mapping, which can definitely help lay the groundwork for an organized report.






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Discussing Sensitive Subjects? 
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Add a Dash of Chat to Your Next Study and Experience More Candid Feedback
Participants in Online Focus Groups provide honest responses to some of the most personal questions. 
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