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When you make a referral, you don't want any uncertainty in the back of your mind. You want to know - you need to know - that when you refer a patient, the expert and compassionate care they receive reflects the standards your clients have come to expect from your practice.

With a referral to PetCure Oncology, you never have to wonder. We deliver all of our treatments and services with standards, checks and balances based on quality assurance protocols that are commonplace in human medicine. Your patient could not be in better hands.
Quality assurance is always crucial, but never more so than in the delicate, precision-based world of radiation therapy. As technology continues to increase our ability to treat cancer with greater efficacy, adhering to strict guidelines that ensure patient safety and optimize  outcomes becomes all the more critical.

At PetCure Oncology at Lakeshore, every radiation therapy treatment is planned and reviewed by two board-certified radiation oncologists. Each is verified by advanced treatment planning software and tested through a phantom validation plan. Prior to every treatment session, a physical inspection of the equipment and its settings is conducted. And each treatment is delivered by a human-licensed radiation therapist that is trained and experienced in the delivery of advanced radiation therapy with a linear accelerator and on-board imaging.

We also pride ourselves in utilizing some of the most scientifically advanced technology, combining the best available equipment with software like Eclipse and Radialogica. They enable our clinical teams to deliver treatment with precision, safety and efficacy while capturing information and continually optimizing delivery protocols.

See for yourself.

The icon below links to the first page of a sample Radialogica report. Click on it for a closer look. Using the protocols established by our Scientific Advisory Board, this program tests the initial treatment plan against predetermined protocols to make sure we are delivering the most effective and safest treatment possible. The report lets our radiation oncologists know whether the plan is optimal or can be improved upon:

Quality assurance measures like this provide yet another example of how PetCure Oncology is leading the way in cancer care for pets.

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