November 2010

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Message from John Barnett, President
John Barnett, President
John Barnett, President.

The Holiday Season is upon us.

We have just enjoyed Thanksgiving and I'd like to say, I am very thankful for our country. I think we live in the best country in the world and I feel fortunate to be living and raising my family in the United States of America!

Next we celebrate what I call Christmas. It's not just a day but rather a season when we can celebrate our religious beliefs (whatever they may be), and the love of our families and friends. This is a great time to slow down and reflect on our experiences of the past year and our association with our loved ones.

May this be the most special season of the year for you and your families.

Next comes the New Year. You had better party-hardy because tomorrow starts a whole new year.

Happy Holidays.

From your friends at QuanTEM Laboratories.


John Barnett
QuanTEM Laboratories, LLC

Oklahoma Fights Texas Over Pollution

Retreived November 27, 2010 from

UPDATED: 8:57 am CST November 18, 2010

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma is threatening to sue Texas in hopes of trying to get it to clean up its air.

The state said smoke from Texas coal plants is polluting Oklahoma's air and Oklahoma may have to take action that could lead to lower speed limits and higher gasoline prices.

"Oklahomans have to do their part to maintain our air quality and vehicle transport emissions are our largest source of emissions," said Bud Scott of the Oklahoma Sierra Club.

A Sierra Club study also points the finger at Texas, blaming the Lone Star State for creating harmful levels of smog in Oklahoma for as many as 64 days.

"We've already started to take action with the state as well as organizations in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma to force the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to review the permits they are issuing for this coal-powered power plant," Scott said.

Texas is resisting the idea of cooperation, but the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office has written a letter to Texas officials, stressing the need for Texas to comply with environmental laws.

People in Oklahoma told Eyewitness News 5 that they want Oklahoma to do whatever it takes to keep the air safe.

"In my opinion, I think we should sue them," said Schanelle Davis. "It's going to be damaging people, and it's coming to our air and their air. It's not good."

Oklahoma said a lawsuit would be a last resort. It said it's hoping Texas will take the high road and do the right thing. READ MORE

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Oklahoma Fights Texas Over Pollution
Lead Paint EPA RRP Fines: Enforcement Guidelines for Contractors
Indoor Mold Growth Is Influenced More By Location Than Building Type
Possible Asbestos in Toy Fingerprint Kit
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Editors Note

Business Development Director,
QuanTEM Laboratories

We would like to take a short moment to give thanks to all of you, whom throughout the years have supported us.

We realize that you have many choices in what environmental labs you chose and we are humbled that you continue to support us.
If there is ever anything that we can do to help you, please let us know. We wish you all a great holiday season. Let's end 2010 with a BANG!

Scott Leavell,
Business Development Director
QuanTEM Laboratories, LLC
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Lead Paint EPA RRP Fines: Enforcement Guidelines for Contractors

Castro Valley, CA (PRWEB) August 23, 2010

The Environmental Protection Agency has just released a document that details enforcement guidelines for violations of the RRP Lead Paint Regulations. While the RRP Lead Paint Regulations were released in April of 2010, there was never any definition of specific violations and associated penalties.

The new document, LBP Consolidated ERRP (Consolidated Enforcement Response and Penalty Policy) details enforcement policies. While individual fines can be ,500, multiple violation fines can be substantially larger. Contractors have a new major liability to manage when performing construction in pre-1978 homes.

One of the major areas of compliance and source of fines is proper job site clean up using lead HEPA vacuums.Contractors using better equipped lead hepa vacuums will have cleaner jobs sites, less lead contamination, reduced liability and operating costs. The ERRP applies to the EPA's Pre-Renovation Education Rule, Renovation, Repair, and Painting Rule, and Lead Based Paint Activities Rule.

Contractors, property owners, pest control operators, and others performing work on pre-1978 properties now have a defined set of standards and associated penalties for non-compliance with lead paint regulations. The new ERRP document has defined tables of levels of fines based upon the type of violation, gravity of the violation, and guidelines for modification of penalties.

Worthy of notation is a section that addresses the ability to pay and continue in business. This section would suggest that the goal is not to put contractors out of business, but rather force compliance and levy fines based on actual ability to pay the fines. READ MORE

Midlatitude Mildew: Indoor Mold Growth Is Influenced More By Location Than Building Type
In a surprising study result, more numerous and diverse varieties of fungi inhabit temperate zone households than dwellings in tropical climates.

June 30, 2010
Retreived from Scientific American on November 29, 2010

In the first-ever global survey of indoor fungi scientists report that geography rather than building design and function has the greatest effect on the fungal species likely to be found indoors. The study suggests that the types of mold and other fungi most likely to be found in a dwelling may be largely unaffected by features like HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) filters and weather stripping.

The results of the study were published online June 28 in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Mold and other types of fungi (including yeast and mushrooms) are naturally found everywhere, indoors or out, and for the most part these organisms cause humans little harm. Some fungal species, however, can spoil food and rot buildings as well as cause allergies. asthma or other ailments in humans.

The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine estimates that approximately 5 percent of the U.S. population suffers from mold allgeries. Symptoms can include sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, nasal congestion, and rash or hives.


Alert: Possible Asbestos in Toy Fingerprint Kit
Retrieved from The Chicage Tribune on Novermber 24, 2010

The Public Justice, along with the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization, announced July 1, 2009 that "a proposed settlement of a nationwide class action against CBS Broadcasting, Inc. and major toy retailers, if approved, will give cash refunds to consumers and effectively implement a nationwide recall of toy science kits, based on the popular "CSI" television drama series, that may contain asbestos," according to a Public Justice press release.

The specific kits involved in the settlement are called either "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Fingerprint Examination Kit (CSI Exam Kit)" or the "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Forensic Lab Kit (CSI Lab Kit)." Consumers can request claim forms at READ MORE.

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