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Fall 2015
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Tuesday, October 13
Edina Day of Service,
Saturday, October 24
Saturday, October 24

Our very own Marsha Buchok driving the cart.

The Foundation was a proud sponsor of the  38th annual Edina Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament - September 18 at  Braemar Golf Course.  

This event is a joint venture of the Edina Community Foundation and the Edina Chamber of Commerce, and kicks off the 10th year of the Foundation's Edina Dialogue program.  

Wednesday, October 21
11:30 am - 1:30 pm
Interlachen Country Club

Topic: Business Leaders in Global Water Safety

Keynote Speaker:
Cristophe Beck, President of Global Water and Process Services and EVP for Ecolab.

This event is very popular - be sure to register early.

$30 members/
$35 non-members

Click here to 

Foundation Board of Directors, 2015-16
Paul Mooty, President
Mamie Segall, Vice President
Scot Housh, Secretary
Steven McDonald, Treasurer
Katie Aafedt, Tom Gump, Dr. Michele Herring, Andy Matysik, Jeff Ohe, Rebecca Bell Sorenson,  James B. Hovland,  Richard Olson,
Lana Slavitt, and
Maxine Wallin.

Staff representative Dick Crockett is Executive Director of the Edina Community Foundation. 

The Edina Community Foundation Announces 
New Appointments to Board of Directors

The Edina Community Foundation announces the election of si x new officers to its Board of Directors.  The new officers are: Katie Aafedt, Tom Gump, Dr. Michele Herring, Andy Matysik, Jeff Ohe and Rebecca Bell Sorenson.
"I am pleased at the level of expertise and professional backgrounds as well as the passionate commitment to service within the community that each of these individuals brings to our Board," says Dick Crockett, Executive Director.
New members join nine returning Board of Director officers who have served one or two three-year terms. They are: Paul Mooty, President; Mamie Segall, Vice President; Steven McDonald, Treasurer; Scot Housh, Secretary; Ron Erhardt; Jim Hovland; Richard Olson; Lana Slavitt and Maxine Wallin.  Their participation has been vital in expanding the Foundation's positive impact in the community.
The Edina Community Foundation brings people together to serve, strengthen and celebrate our exceptional community and helps expand the culture of generosity in Edina by creating a platform where a donors giving benefits a broad array of local programs.  

DONOR Spotlight

A Partnership to Remember.

About a year ago, Northwest Airlines alumni reached out to Centennial Lakes Park and the City of Edina with an offer to adopt a portion of the Park and to donate two new sculptures. Having received their approval, the employees partnered with the Edina Community Foundation to commission and finance the new sculptures.
After consulting with Edina Public Art, sculptor Nick Legeros was chosen for the commission. Nick, a long time Edina resident, met with a number of former employees and recommended making two sculptures. The first "Dreams of Flight" includes a 5 year old boy and a 10 year old girl playing with airplanes and dreaming about the future. The second is "Glamorous Days of Flight". This sculpture is a family of four boarding a flight in the 1960's when going on an airplane was a dress up event. These choices were approved by the Edina Park Board and the City Council.
The sculptures were financed by the former employees and are dedicated to Donald W. Nyrop, a long time Edina resident and the former President and CEO, and the men and women who worked for Northwest Airlines. Together they built a financially strong airline which became the largest airline on the Pacific and was a major contributor to American aviation and to the  communities it served.

For more information, or if you would like to contribute to the Nyrop/City of Edina Parks partnership, please contact us.  

Photo Courtesy of Barbara La Valleur
Build Your Future with the Foundation Workshop
If you have a  Designated Beneficiary Fund or would like to establish a Fund with the Foundation, this workshop is for you.
Dates/Times:       Thursday, Oct. 24 th at 4:30
Tuesday, Oct. 27th at 7:00
Place:  Think Mutual Bank Community Room
3655 Hazelton Road, Edina MN  

The Foundation's Designated Beneficiary Funds (DBF) is established for the benefit of one or more community organizations. The Foundation currently oversees approximately 65 community DBF's such as the Edina Garden Council, Edina Neighborhood Associations, and the Edina Youth Juggling Association. Any donor may make a gift of any size to an established fund and the funds are distributed to the beneficiary organization(s) as needed. Establishment of a Designated Beneficiary Fund is a wonderful way to ensure the perpetual protection of donor intent.

To find out more about your Fund relationship and opportunity with the Foundation please attend either workshop. 

RSVP here, or contact Edie Opdahl at 952-833-9573. 

The Edina Challenge -- An Update
As we write this newsletter, we are happy to report that the Edina Challenge is beginning its third year!  The team has worked hard on collaborative community efforts that focus on financially disadvantaged youth who live in Edina. These kids and their families continue to be impacted by housing and transportation issues, lack of non-discretionary funds to pay for extra-curricular and recreational involvement and they benefit from academic tutoring and individual mentoring.  In the past three years grants totaling over $100,000 have been awarded to the following programs:  One2One/YMCA Mentoring, Saturday School Tutoring, The Last Mile and two summer programs: Edina Parks and Recreation Playgrounds and Edina Resource Center's YMCA camps.
The Edina Challenge is a true collaboration among many community organizations and grant-makers working together to maximize our collective effectiveness in enabling need based Edina youth full participation in our exceptional community.  Our goal is to help these youth take advantage of Edina's assets and develop as healthy, productive adults. 
Join us!  Your donation to the Edina Community Foundation supports the funding needs of the Edina Challenge. Your generosity makes a difference in these kid's lives.  Donate online or m ail your donation to Edina Community Foundation, 5280 Grandview Square, Edina MN 55436.  


7th Annual
Edina Day of Service
Saturday, October 24
"Volunteering is just plain good for you", remarks Kris Marshall, who coordinates the 7 th annual Edina Day of Service on Saturday, October 24 th .  She believes that working together in volunteer service is what brings people together.  Marshall, who coordinates Communication and Program Services for the Edina Community Foundation, believes that Healthy kids = a Healthy community. Research has shown that by helping our neighbors we create stronger relationships and connections with our families and community.  Through volunteering we become positive role models for children and provide more resources for youth, adults and families.  Edina Morningside Rotary will once again organize a large group of youth and adult volunteers to pick up litter along Highway 100.  Cool Planet   has been involved in Edina Day of Service for the past 6 years. The environmental community action group combines their love for biking and sustainability by visiting service sites by bike. They like to call it "bike-to-serve" and travel from one site to another to assist with organized service projects like fall garden composting, removal of wild buckthorn, playground clean up and visiting neighborhood solar projects. Paul Thompson of Cool Planet says, "Edina Day of Service gives us an opportunity to high-light some simple actions that ordinary citizens can take to make a difference in the environment."
Boy Scouts, Rotary, Edina schools and churches, Xcel Home Energy, local businesses, sport teams, families and individuals come together to give their time and energy on Saturday, October 24th.  Edina Day of Service gives us a chance to give something back to others and our community. And simply put, it just feels good. 
Edina Day of Service is brought to you by Connecting with Kids, a program of the Edina Community Foundation. For more information and to sign up for a volunteer project click here.  

It's coming...
our new ECF Website!
Back in the late 90s, the toddler years of the Internet, the future of e-commerce and the world wide web was anybody's guess.  When asked, "should you have a website?" the answer back then was maybe and it depends.  Well, things have changed a lot since then.  If you asked someone today if you need a website - or in most cases a new, updated website, the answer is a resounding Yes! No question. Without a doubt. 

At the Edina Community Foundation the Board of Directors and staff decided it's time to get up to date and celebrate our newness with a fresh, sharp and interactive new website. The process for a new website has taken longer than we imagined, but it's coming! Our new design and relevant content promises to keep you engaged through our social media and mobile-friendly presence. We want to keep you interested and informed as well as connected to all of the wonderful things the Foundation does in the community. Watch for us.  "Like" us.  Connect with us in mid-October at


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