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Winter 2016
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If you are skating or strolling in Centennial Lakes Park this winter season please look for the new sculptures made possible through ECF initiatives! 
The 2010 People's Choice Award,
Reflecting on Friendship, by Edina artist Nicolas Legeros, has been moved from the Centennial Lakes pavilion to the park promenade.  Reflecting on Friendship was donated to the City in 2011 through a donation by Dick and Suzie Crockett to the Edina Community Foundation.  

Glamorous Days of Flight 
depicts a family boarding an aircraft in the 1960s when flying was an adventure!  This sculpture was commissioned by former Northwest employees to recognize the contributions of Donald Nyrop and  employees of NWA to the growth of commercial aviation. The purchase of the sculptures by Nicholas Legeros was made possible through a partnership with ECF.  
As you enjoy Centennial Lakes this winter season, we hope you will appreciate the wonder and beauty that public art made possible by ECF brings to the park and the community.  

  Two Edina environmental leaders and Cool Planet Co-chairs, Paul Thompson and Mindy Ahler, participated in the recent Paris Climate Talks.  

They will be joined by representatives of the Citizens Climate Lobby and Linden Hills 
Co-op Climate Action Team in presenting a  Report from Minnesotans Who Were in Paris on 
Friday, January 8 6:30-8:30 p.m.  in the Linden Hills Park- Multi Purpose Room at 

43rd St and Xerxes Ave, Minneapolis.  Their report will be followed by small group action planning on steps citizens can take. The event is free and open to the public for all ages, and youth are especially encouraged to attend.
Paul and Mindy's participation in COP 21 was funded by contributions to the ECF Designated Fund for Cool Planet. 
Tuesday, January 19, 2016
6:00 - 7:30 p.m.
Sherwood Room - Lower Level of the Edina Library
5280 Grandview Square, Edina
Just off Vernon Avenue and Highway 100

This workshop is free; please RSVP to

Join us for this interactive workshop as we do a "deep dive" into the Life Reimagined practice, "Explore."

Workshop Schedule

  • Welcome and Introductions
  • Personal Stories of the Exploration journey: Nancy Scott and Mindy Shears
Exercise: Using the Calling Cards to discover your purpose
  • Small Group Discussion: What I'm working on for my Life Reiminagined
  • Wrap Up 
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Foundation Board of Directors, 2015-16
Paul Mooty, President
Mamie Segall, Vice President
Scot Housh, Secretary
Steven McDonald, Treasurer
Katie Aafedt, Tom Gump, Dr. Michele Herring, Andy Matysik, Jeff Ohe, Rebecca Bell Sorenson,  James B. Hovland,  Richard Olson,
Lana Slavitt, and
Maxine Wallin.

Staff representative Dick Crockett is Executive Director of the Edina Community Foundation. 
Check out these great photos from the recent Minnehaha Music event:

Let's Talk -- Edina Dialogue Turns 10!
". . .dialogue is a converation in which  people think together in relationship." 
- William Isaacs,
Dialogue and the Art of Thinking Together

For 10 years, ECF has been providing opportunities for Edina residents to come together to learn, discuss and exchange ideas and opinions through the Edina Dialogue program.  These interactive and invigorating community events have covered a wide spectrum of topics for people of all ages and backgrounds.  The Edina Dialogue program gives community members a chance to meet and engage with fellow citizens creating and strengthening community relationships. 

From Edina Reads to the CEO Roundtable to Life Reimagined, Edina Dialogue has presented more than 82 forums with over 5,000 participants. Highlights of the past 10 years include:
  • 46 Edina Reads programs
  • 9 CWK Leadership Breakfasts
  • 8 Martin Luther King Holiday speakers
  • 3 CEO Roundtables 
  • 4 Life Reimagined-Edina programs
Please join us for an Edina Dialogue event this year as we celebrate 10 years of serving the Edina community through this great program.  Upcoming Edina Dialogue events can be found on the calendar page of the ECF website

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Edina Dialogue, we will be highlighting various programs and events throughout the year in the ECF newsletter.  Look for the "Lets Talk" section in next quarter's newsletter to get an update on the Life Reimagined program.  

We Would Like to Celebrate our Leaders with You!

Connecting With Kids Leadership Breakfast,
Friday, March 4th

A core value of ECF's flagship Connecting with Kids (CWK) program is the belief that a community and its members have a powerful influence on the development of young people. We also believe in recognizing those in the Edina community who have been instrumental in positively shaping the lives of our children and youth. To honor those who have consistently worked to build assets in our youth, Connecting with Kids will present Leadership Awards at our annual CWK Leadership Breakfast on Friday, March 4th from 7:30 to 9:00  at the Edina Country Club. Attending the Leadership Breakfast is a great way to learn more about ECF and our Connecting with Kids program and is free of charge. Belinda Jensen, KARE 11 Meteorologist, will be this year's keynote speaker. Sign up will open January 20 at
Do you know someone who has had a positive impact on the lives of young people in Edina and would like to nominate them for a CWK Leadership Award?  Click on the following link to submit a nomination.  Please note that nominations are due by Friday, January 15, 2016.  
Do you know a high school junior who is making a difference in the community?  CWK will also honor a student leader who is a problem solver, innovator and forward thinker and who is making a difference in the lives of others locally or globally.  To submit a nomination, please click on the link below.  

  Would your business like to help us celebrate those in our community who make it a great place for young people?  If your business would be interested in being a sponsor for the CWK Leadership Breakfast please contact
Contributor Spotlight  -- Lana Slavitt
"I am a big believer in community and believe that giving starts at home.  Since moving to Edina 12 years ago, my family has benefited in so many ways from all this community has to offer.  I feel strongly about giving back and do so by supporting the community focused initiatives spearheaded by ECF."   
~ Lana Slavitt, ECF donor and 
Board Member
Lana Slavitt joined the ECF Board in 2014 after learning about the exciting work ECF was doing through leading the Edina Challenge initiative.  Before choosing to focus on raising her two sons, Lana worked as a strategic consultant for Fortune 500 companies.  She understands how important systemic change is in solving complex problems which is why she is so excited by Edina Challenge. 
Edina Challenge is a collaborative effort of 14 community organizations led by ECF to support disadvantaged youth in Edina and ensure they have the opportunity to grow into healthy productive adults.  As Lana explains, "Edina Challenge is instrumental to improving the lives of Edina's most vulnerable kids.  From finding positive mentors to providing scholarships for valuable summer programs, Edina Challenge works together to give disadvantaged youth in Edina every opportunity for success." 
In addition to her passion for Edina Challenge, Lana is also proud of the role ECF plays in celebrating the Edina Community. "ECF organizes the Edina Parade and is responsible for many of the public art pieces that bring joy to community spaces.  ECF enhances the lives of residents in so many ways and it does so through good stewardship of donor dollars.  It is just an easy organization to support because they make my community a great place for all." 
If you would like to join Lana in supporting ECF, here is a link to donate now:

Designated Fund Spotlight - 
Minnehaha Music
On what could have been the last warm, sunny day of fall, about 100 music lovers gathered at Dragseth Auditorium for the 2nd Annual Fall Concert presented by the Minnehaha Music Repertory Orchestra. Audience members were treated to a feast of orchestral music featuring selections by Dvorak, Gounod and Sibelius.

Minnehaha Music was founded in 2013 by Craig Randal Johnson and Edina resident Hilary Santorini. The mission of Minnehaha Music is to cultivate a passion for great music by providing high quality experiences engaging both musicians and audiences.

As a repertory orchestra, the orchestra "reads" through a musical section over the course of 2-3 reading rehearsals and then moves on to other material. Now in its third season, the orchestra has played over 40 works by 20 composers ranging from well known orchestral pieces to newly composed works. This format is unique to the Twin Cities and gives local community musicians the opportunity to further develop his/her musical skill set.

Through public performances, Minnehaha music strives to create connections between artists, audiences and our community. Their partnership with the Edina Community Foundation makes this possible. Musicians and music lovers alike applaud the partnership between Minnehaha Music and ECF and what it brings to the Edina community.

For more information on Minnehaha Music, please visit their website at

If your organization would like to learn more about ECF's Charitable Giving Partner Services, please contact the Foundation at
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