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MOSO odor absorbers
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Combat ODORS
MOSO in the Kitchen
Available in 4 Sizes: 
Mini - (2 per pkg) 
Lay one sachet inside the bag compartment of your vacuum to help neutralize pet odors without added chemicals! Also perfect for use in:
- Sneakers & boots
- Lockers or gym bags
- Refrigerator 
Use the LARGER sachets to deodorize and de-humidify larger spaces!
~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Made of 100% Moso Bamboo Charcoal, this air purifying bag is non-toxic, eco-friendly and fragrance free. The Moso Bag naturally and effectively absorbs odors, bacteria, harmful pollutants and allergens. Each bag typically lasts for two years, and can be recycled into your garden soil!
~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~  
Get yours at 
Queen Vacuum 
learn more at

Now Serving Lemonade... 
Benefits to come - Despite our Neptune City store's closure.  



Have we changed our business format altogether to bring you refreshing citrus beverages instead of vacuum cleaners? No - but we have some pretty big news to share and it does involve some changes to our operations. So if you wondered why you didn't receive a newsletter in August, it was because we were in the process of mopping up and moving out of our Neptune City store location.We have been dealt a few "lemons" recently. I'll share the details of the crummy news next. But stick around to the end to learn about the enjoyable "lemonade" that already begun to flow!  

Neptune City Store - Lemonade

As you may or may not know there was a terrible, unexpected rainstorm on the night of August 12th, 2014 that caused severe flooding and property damage in the Neptune City Shopping Plaza.  Nearly all businesses were affected: Ours perhaps, the most drastically. Product loss, fixture damage and business loss (due to closure for renovations by the landlord) weighed heavily on all of the stores in the plaza. We finally realized that we could not sustain any further loss and were no longer able to serve our customers well from this compromised location.  


We are sad to be leaving behind the little shop we occupied in Neptune City - which is now vacated and will not be re-opening.  But we are happy (and thankful) that our business LIVES ON, merged into our existing "sister store" in Red Bank!


  • WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED!:  **ALL Repairs, Sales records, Repair records, Service contracts and Warrantees have been transferred to Red bank, for your convenience.**  
  •  Just like in Neptune - We REPAIR all types and brands of Vacuums! Authorized Warranty for dozens of major vacuum brands. We also fix select small appliances like: Lamps, irons, fans, blenders, mixers, hair appliances, some electric power tools and more! 
  • Sorry, we NO LONGER repair Sewing Machines, nor have parts for them.
  • Miele vacuum HEPA filter/Free services are still valid and provided in Red Bank.
  • Our entire team - including our Neptune Store Manager, Erika - is here to help in Red Bank!

Queen Vacuum Team


Ultimately, EVERYBODY will enjoy the many benefits that will result from this merger. Our team (John, Erika, Sarah and I) are already enjoying the creature comforts of working together every day! With just 3-and-1/2 workers between two locations it used to be exhausting to keep up with our heavy workloads. With more help around we can now concentrate better, spend more time with each customer, drink a cup of tea (while it's still hot) or go home at

 a reasonable hour at night! In fact, we each have a few (much-needed) days off planned in the near future - but now it won't cause us to have to close the store. You, our customers, will gain the most however...Having more hands on deck improves the speed and quality of service you experience! And starting next month, we will be expanding our operating week to include SUNDAYS again!


Now to the moral of this story: Changing tides and a stupid rainstorm in a chronically-flooding building location was a pile of nasty lemons waiting to give us the squeeze. But we showed them! Monmouth Vacuum of Neptune City should have gone completely extinct three years ago when the original owner, Lou, retired. Instead, we at Queen Vacuum breathed new life into it! Under our ownership the business grew stronger and offered more than it ever had to its wonderful customers, new and old. John and I were also enabled to employ to two amazing women whose skills and personalities added incredible depth to our operation. We are thankful to be able to continue Sarah and Erika's employment, despite the lack of an entire storefront that was the sole resource for their pay.


 We have been very blessed during this transition and we see so much good rising from the soggy "ashes" of Neptune City. But please remember, as with any business, that the best way to ensure that we stay around to help you in the future is to utilize us now! Queen Vacuum is strong, ever-growing and evolving but we rely heavily on you to spread the word. Keep us in mind when you need a new vacuum or when your old one needs fixing. Bring in your lamps, mixers and blenders for repair. Stop in to pick up awesome natural cleaning products or specialty chemicals for extractors or tough stains. TELL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY ABOUT US! Share this newsletter, "Like" us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel! We offer TONS of amazingly helpful, relevant information about vacuums and housekeeping in a number of convenient ways (in-store and online.) Are you taking advantage of all we have to offer?


We understand that our Red Bank location may be inconvenient for some folks. (Although Red Bank is awesome - you should enjoy it while you're here!) Plus we have our own private parking lot for you. But if you are a "displaced" Neptune City Store customer, we encourage you to take the extra few minutes of a drive to continue to let us serve you. We thank you for your patronage and understanding and look forward to seeing you soon!


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With the right tools, products and attitude cleaning becomes much easier and intensely gratifying! A clean house is more peaceful, much healthier, and definitely more GLAMOROUS! Take a few minutes (maybe even get the kids in on this one) and be inspired to take pride in cleaning your home! 
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John & Rachel Decker  (Owners)
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