Black History Show 
A Night to Remember 

RAPCS' student choir, directed by Robin Francis, celebrated Black History Month with a night of music and dance. The choir and special guests Tiffany Foster, ZAZ Youth, Letha Thornton, Ashli Brooks, and Earl Night uplifted the crowd with a selection of traditional black spirituals, poetry, and gospels. Ms. Henderson's art class crafted traditional African masks and decorated dinner plates, which adorned the walls and tables of the multi-purpose room. It was a great night to celebrate Black History Month. 

For more photos and video, please go to our Facebook Page. 


Decades Project 
ICYMI: Photos are up on Facebook 

Our students did a great job on the Decades Project. Each grade level was assigned a theme and hallway to decorate. The students were able to re-create the political and popular  atmosphere of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s. 

Click here, to see the photos from the event. 

Class Trips 
RAPCS is headed to NYC, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C.

We're very excited to announce our End of the Year Trips. All students are eligible to participate in this one of a kind experience. We have selected different locations for each grade level. To attend each student must meet both behavioral and academic criteria. Permission slips are due March 10th with the first payment option. The second payment date is April 7th and the third payment date is May 5th. 

Please go to and our Facebook Page to see more information on: 
  • Payment Plan 
  • Dates/Times 
The 8th-grade class will also be eligible to go on the White Skyline Cruise on Wed. June 7th @6pm. Tickets are $80.00 (each). The last day to purchase tickets will be March 31st. All tickets will be 
issued on June 6th. 

Please visit the main office for more info.

RAPCS Spirit Month 
Celebrating Richard Allen 

We're currently in the planning stages of the Annual RAPCS Spirit Month. This will be the biggest celebration of the year and take place throughout the month of March.  All students are eligible to participate!

Students must pay a non- refundable payment of $5 to participate in the Dress Up days. Payments will be accepted February 20th  - February 24th. 

All proceeds will go towards sponsoring the class trips at the end of the year! 

Spirit Month Activities: 
Week 1: Dressing Up 
Day 1 - Pajama  Day 
Day 2 - Celebrity Day 
Day 3 - Twin Day 
Day 4 - Throwback Thursday 
Day 5 - Dress Like a Teacher/ Staff Day 
Week 2: Karaoke at Lunch
Week 3: Food (Water Ice/Pretzels) 25cents each 
Week 4: Trips and Assemblies

More information, will be coming soon. Please visit our Facebook or Website

Save the Date 

Girls Basketball 
Championship Game 
Mastery Pickett Campus
Thursday, March 09th @6:30PM
Open House 
Tuesday, March 7th @6PM 
Thursday, March 9th @6PM
Saturday, March 11th @9:30AM