RCAC Newsletter
Remembering Jacque Baguet
Dear Friends,
I write with a heavy heart and great sorrow to inform you of the passing of committee woman Jacque Baguet. Jacque was a consistent beacon for the Republican Party. She was dedicated to, and worked tirelessly for the Republican cause. Jacque was the very essence of compassion, of duty, and of style. Jacque was instrumental in getting so many of our leaders initiated and launched.
Jacque Baguet was a member of  the Republican Committee of Mt. Lebanon for over 40 years and served as Chair and Vice-Chair of that Committee during her long tenure.  Jacque was indeed the heart and soul of the Republican Committee of Mt. Lebanon.  She also served on the Republican State Committee and was a long time member on the Development Committee for the Republican Committee of Allegheny County.  Jacque was honored with the prestigious B. Kenneth Simon Award for her years of exceptional service to the Republican Party of Allegheny County.
Jacque was a friend, mentor and she was family to me. She took me under her wing when I first ran for Commissioner in Mt. Lebanon and has been there during good times and bad. Whenever I would reach out to her for advice, not only would she have the right solution, but she ensured that the solution was fair to everyone involved.

Funeral arrangements follow:

Laughlin Funeral Home
222 Washington Rd., Mt. Lebanon
Sunday, June 26, 2-4pm and 7-9pm
Funeral Service
Trinity Cathedral
328 Sixth Avenue, Pittsburgh
Monday, June 27, 11am

I hope that you will join me at the Viewing and Funeral Service for someone who will live in our hearts forever. May God bless Jacque and she rest in eternal peace.
D. Raja
RCAC Leadership Election June 25
In person voting for RCAC Leadership positions will take place on Saturday, June 25th from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 100 Fleet Street, Suite 205, Pittsburgh, PA 15220.
Committee Member Training Workshop July 16
Saturday, July 16, 2016 at 9 am
Green Tree Borough Municipal Building
10 West Manilla Ave, Green Tree, PA 15220

The workshop will provide useful information and helpful hints on the topics of Voter Registration, Absentee Ballots, Nominating Petitions, Election Day Activities, Door-to-Door Visits, Literature Distribution, Political Phone Calls, Poll-Watching, and Party Structures. The presenters will be experienced grassroots veterans.

Registration at 8:30.  Will be done by noon.

To signup for the program, please call GOP headquarters at 412-458-0068 or send an email with your contact information to  director@rcac.net .  Advance notice would be greatly appreciated.

The Workshop is useful to new volunteers and committee members and those wishing to improve their skills in preparation for the 2016 Presidential campaign.

A free continental breakfast with bagels, fruits, coffee, and juice will be provided.
Mt. Lebanon Republican Committee Golf Outing and Picnic June 25

Aleppo Republican Committee Second Amendment Discussion July 7
The Aleppo Republican Committee. will be sponsoring a discussion on the Second Amendment and more specifically  the right to obtain a conceal carry permit. They will discuss what it takes emotionally if you are ready to  carry a concealed weapon.
This discussion will take place on July 7 between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm at the Fern Hollow Nature Center  meeting room located at 1901 Glen Mitchell Road, Sewickley, PA 15143and is open to all residents of the Quaker Valley Area.

Please call Roger Valente for more information at 412-741-339.
Plum & Penn Hills Republican Committees Golf Event October 1

Lenny McAllister Needs Your Help
Thank you for all your efforts on behalf of Lenny McAllister's campaign for U.S. Representative of the 14th District.  He currently is on the short list as speaker at the RNC convention.  With your help, we can make it happen!
Lenny requests the following:
Please sent 2-3 emails a week to the email contacts below informing them that  "...we want to see Lenny McAllister as a speaker at the Republican Convention in Cleveland"  
Katie Walsh
Volunteers Needed
We would love for you to come and volunteer!
  • Phone banking
  • Literature drops
  • Stuffing envelopes
  • Door to door with our representatives
PA GOP is starting to knock on doors for the Toomey and Trump campaigns. It is a great way to get involved this summer. Recent polling has shown a tight race in Pennsylvania; we can be the tipping point.

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering, please contact Amanda Boris at aboris@pagop.org or 724-288-2875  
Inform RCAC of Upcoming Events
Between now and the fall General Election, there will be many community events such as parades, community days, and festivals happening thorough out Allegheny County.   RCAC would like to partner with the local committees, and candidate campaigns in ensuring a presence at these events.  We believe this is an excellent opportunity to recruit volunteers and committee members, distribute candidate information, and register individuals to vote. If you are aware of any upcoming events, please email the details to John Schnaedter at Director@rcac.net.
Republican Committee of Allegheny County Internship
Location: Green Tree, PA
Position: Part Time / Unpaid. Compensation is available for travel.  
The Republican Committee of Allegheny County is currently looking for motivated, politically interested individuals for internships. Initially, the position will require 15-20 hours a week. Certain weeks will require more time than others, depending on the political schedule. This is a great opportunity to build valuable campaign experience and establish long lasting relationships in the world of Pennsylvania politics. 

 Duties will include:
  • Coordinating events
  • Voter Contact / community outreach
  • Attending local events
  • Assisting office and campaigns
  • Research
  • Social media
  • General office tasks

Please email your resume to:

John Schnaedter

Executive Director


Words of Wisdom

" That government is best which governs the least."  

-Thomas Jefferson

Trivia Question

Which Pennsylvania legislator was recently endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Businesses?

A. Mike Turzai
B. Pat Toomey
C. Keith Rothfus
D. Tim Murphy
RCAC Needs Your Support
RCAC is the voice of the Republican Party in Allegheny County providing guidance and support to candidates and volunteers. RCAC maintains an office space and staff year-round. Our goals include increasing the registration of Republican voters and assist in electing Republicans to office. To donate please click on the "Donate" button on the top menu bar at our web site at www.rcac.net or make out a check to "RCAC" and send to Republican Committee of Allegheny County, 100 Fleet Street Suite 205, Pittsburgh, PA 15220.  We would encourage all Republicans to please consider assisting us with financial support.  
Where Do Your Dollars Go?
  • Cost and maintenance of the RCAC Headquarters office
  • Technology: Phones, Computers, Website, Facebook outreach
  • Education & Services to Voters and Candidates
  • Training for Candidates and volunteers
  • Providing Caucuses, Assemblies, and Meetings as mandated by State Law, and our RCAC By-laws
Trivia Answer
Answer:  B - Pat Toomey was endorsed by the National Federation of Independent Businesses whose executive director praised him as "one of the steadiest and most sensible members of Congress.