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Meet County Council District 4 Write-In Candidate Dimitrios Pantzoulas

Dimitrios Pantzoulas is our Republican candidate waging a write-in campaign for County Councilman in District 4. 

Dimitri was born in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania to hardworking Greek immigrant parents who came to Western Pennsylvania in the 1970s. While working long hours in small family restaurants throughout the area, his parents also worked tirelessly towards their goal of official citizenship in these United States of America; a goal Dimitri's family would achieve later in the decade. 

Dimitrios always accompanied his parents to work, basically growing up inside of those establishments. At as young an age as six, if Dimitri wasn't in school, you'd find him bussing tables or serving food at his parents place of work-work he fell in love with. These experiences, and the passion that he had for his work, would follow him in to adulthood. 

After graduating from Blackhawk High School in neighboring Beaver County, he looked to stay in Western Pennsylvania for his collegiate experience. He enrolled in the University of Pittsburgh, graduating four years later with a major in Political Science and a minor in Business Management. 

Since graduation, Dimitri has gone on to own a multitude of extremely successful local businesses. Dimitri owns an Allegheny County-based construction company which holds a contract to renovate Pep Boys locations throughout the entire Country. His love of the restaurant business is still visible today in his ownership of a small ice cream shop, Scoops and More, in Robinson Township. Ever the family man, he is also a partner with his father in the restaurant  Yianni's located in Alliquippa. 

Dimitri's local roots, quality education, and successful business background prove that he is the best candidate for County Council in District 4. When asked why he is running to be the next County Councilman, Dimitrios always brings it back to his community and the people within it stating, "I've been blessed to have had such great employees and family who have helped me all my life in such a great community. It is these people and this community that have enabled me to even run for this seat. It is now my turn to give back to these people and the community that I love." Dimitrios will make fiscal policy the keystone of his time on Council, vowing to inform all citizens of Allegheny County where their tax dollars are being spent. 

If you live in Allegheny County district four, please make sure you get out to vote this Tuesday, May 16th and write-in Dimitrios Pantzoulas for County Council. For the good of the County as a whole, Dimitrios is the only choice. 
Murphy was right not to attend meeting
David M. Ball, Ball is a Peters Township councilman (McMurray).
Observer Reporter
April 27, 2017
In the April 21 edition, under a headline that read, "Congressman Murphy a no-show for South Hills town hall," the Observer-Reporter reported there was a gathering described as a town hall meeting in Bethel Park at which a crowd of 200 mostly left-leaning activists chanted, "Where is Tim Murphy?"
Where was the town hall meeting? The event referred to in the article certainly wasn't a town hall meeting.
Why would any elected official attend a set-up attack forum such as the one described? How would the invitation to this event read? "Two-hundred low-information, hugely partisan and unreasoning activists cordially invite you to a media event at which they have absolutely nothing positive to offer, but intend to verbally abuse you and put forth a series of loaded questions and then shout down any answer that you might offer that is not consistent with their far-left expectations."
It could go on the say, "This event will be filmed by a variety of persons and then edited into the most unflattering video possible and handed to biased media outlets with the intention of putting the invited guest in the most unflattering light possible."
Please don't try to tell me this is not the intention and the meeting was "civil." It may not have been as raucous as some, only because the target had the good sense not to be there. The newspaper reported that, at the same meeting organizers called "at all times ... respectful," the crowd called the congressman's office and left shouted messages, chanted slogans, dressed up in costumes to mock Murphy and ridiculed him for various positions he has taken. That is hardly my definition of "respectful at all times."
I believe Murphy is completely justified in not making himself a duck in a shooting gallery. I would imagine he might be willing to discuss issues with a representative group with some ground rules. That's probably not very attractive to leftist activists, however, because they have nothing to discuss and they would be denied the platform of their theater of the absurd and the attendant media coverage which is, after all, what they are after.
They want an opportunity to play to the cameras, make noise, and demonstrate why they lost the last election and will lose many more elections to come.

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Republican Committee of Moon Township is Selling Elephant Pins
The Republican Committee of Moon Township is selling elephant pins for $10.00  each.  They will mail for an additional $2.00 per pin and  combined shipping for multiple orders to same address will be available.  Please contact Laura Schisler at lalajosan@gmail.com or 412-716-3978 for more information or to place an order.

Inform RCAC of Upcoming Events
RCAC would like to partner with the local committees, and candidate campaigns in ensuring a presence at these events.  We believe this is an excellent opportunity to recruit volunteers and committee members, distribute candidate information, and register individuals to vote. If you are aware of any upcoming events, please email the details to Ryan Rabea at Director@rcac.net.
Republican Committee of Allegheny County Internship
Location: Green Tree, PA
Position: Part Time / Unpaid. Compensation is available for travel.  
The Republican Committee of Allegheny County is currently looking for motivated, politically interested individuals for internships. Initially, the position will require 15-20 hours a week. Certain weeks will require more time than others, depending on the political schedule. This is a great opportunity to build valuable campaign experience and establish long lasting relationships in the world of Pennsylvania politics. 

 Duties will include:
  • Coordinating events
  • Voter Contact / community outreach
  • Attending local events
  • Assisting office and campaigns
  • Research
  • Social media
  • General office tasks

Please email your resume to:

Ryan Rabea

Executive Director


Words of Wisdom

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors."  


Trivia Question

Who is the Majority Leader of the PA House of Representatives?

A. Mike Turzai
B. Sam Smith
C. Dave Reed
D. Eli Evankovich

RCAC Needs Your Support
RCAC is the voice of the Republican Party in Allegheny County providing guidance and support to candidates and volunteers. RCAC maintains an office space and staff year-round. Our goals include increasing the registration of Republican voters and assist in electing Republicans to office.
We are now able to accept online donations.  To donate please follow the link HERE that will direct you to our websites Donation Page, or make out a check to "RCAC" and send to Republican Committee of Allegheny County, 100 Fleet Street Suite 205, Pittsburgh, PA 15220.  We would encourage all Republicans to please consider assisting us with financial support.  
Where Do Your Dollars Go?
  • Cost and maintenance of the RCAC Headquarters office
  • Technology: Phones, Computers, Website, Facebook outreach
  • Education & Services to Voters and Candidates
  • Training for Candidates and volunteers
  • Providing Caucuses, Assemblies, and Meetings as mandated by State Law, and our RCAC By-laws
Trivia Answer
Answer:  C - Dave Reed of Indiana County is the Majority Leader of the PA House of Representatives

Do You Have President Trump's Back

Since Election Day, the radical left and their allies in the media have been working overtime to viciously attack and undermine President Trump.
To put it bluntly: They want to kill our agenda to Make America Great Again!

Our party, President Trump and GOP elected officials will continue to be targeted by paid protestors and radical leftists until we fight back.

We need your help right NOW to fight back. With your help, we will recruit and train a grassroots army of new volunteers committed to defeating the radical left and Making America Great Again.

Will you show that you have President Trump's back by contributing $100, $50, $25 or even $5 today by going to this Link.

Thank you for all that you do to keep our party strong,

Grassroots Tip
Election Day Activities

The goal is to turnout GOP voters to get Republicans elected.  Planning for Election Day is essential to accomplish this goal.
Outside Polls:  Recruit volunteers (greeters) to work during the busiest times to pass out slate cards and talk to voters for 2 hour shifts during the busiest time: 7-9am, 11am-1pm, 4-8pm.  Call several weeks before Election Day to schedule and again the day before to remind them.
Inside Polls: Recruit volunteers (poll watchers or checkers) who must be registered voters residing in Allegheny County.  They work from 7am to 3pm.  You must provide them with county poll watcher certificates and a list of registered voters.  Instruct poll checkers to check off voters as they come in to vote.  
Phone Callers:  Recruit phone callers to arrive at the polls about mid-afternoon to pickup the list of voters and supporters who have not yet voted.  Callers then go to phone bank and call those on list who have not yet voted.
Election Law:  Be familiar with Election Law and report anything that appears to be irregular.
Tally the Vote:  Collect the vote totals from all the polls and review the results.
Evaluate your Election Day Activities:  What did you do well?  What were the problems?  What could you do better?

We Have Stakes for Yard Signs
Due to a surplus of stakes being left over from the 2016 elections we currently have a large quantity of these stakes available at the RCAC headquarters. 

We have stakes that will fit both the standard 18 X 24 corrugated plastic signs or the standard 18 X 24 plastic sleeve signs. These will be given out on a first come first serve basis. 

Contact our Executive Director, Ryan Rabea, at 412-458-0068 for more information.