RCAC Weekly Newsletter
Free Our Spirits Happy Hour 
Hosted by Americans for Prosperity
We are hosting a series of "Free Our Spirits" events across the Commonwealth to promote ending the state's monopoly over our alcohol-ONCE AND FOR ALL!  We will be having this  important event in Speaker Turzai's district on Thursday, June 1st from 5:30p.m.-7:00p.m. at Narcisi Winery, 4578 Gibsonia Rd (Route 910) in Gibsonia 15044.  In essence, this is an information Happy Hour.  Please support us and bring some neighbors along too!   Please RSVP to https://afpfreegibsonia.eventbrite.com.  Check out our website dedicated to the issue:   https://freeourspirits.com/

If the legislature can't make this reform a reality, we have major issues to navigate moving forward.  The Speaker needs to know there's an army of support behind this reform and that we've got his back!

RSVP here

Republican Committee of Moon Township is Selling Elephant Pins
The Republican Committee of Moon Township is selling elephant pins for $10.00  each.  They will mail for an additional $2.00 per pin and  combined shipping for multiple orders to same address will be available.  Please contact Laura Schisler at lalajosan@gmail.com or 412-716-3978 for more information or to place an order.

Inform RCAC of Upcoming Events
RCAC would like to partner with the local committees, and candidate campaigns in ensuring a presence at these events.  We believe this is an excellent opportunity to recruit volunteers and committee members, distribute candidate information, and register individuals to vote. If you are aware of any upcoming events, please email the details to Ryan Rabea at Director@rcac.net.
Republican Committee of Allegheny County Internship
Location: Green Tree, PA
Position: Part Time / Unpaid. Compensation is available for travel.  
The Republican Committee of Allegheny County is currently looking for motivated, politically interested individuals for internships. Initially, the position will require 15-20 hours a week. Certain weeks will require more time than others, depending on the political schedule. This is a great opportunity to build valuable campaign experience and establish long lasting relationships in the world of Pennsylvania politics. 

 Duties will include:
  • Coordinating events
  • Voter Contact / community outreach
  • Attending local events
  • Assisting office and campaigns
  • Research
  • Social media
  • General office tasks

Please email your resume to:

Ryan Rabea

Executive Director


Words of Wisdom

"Every family should have the right to spend their money, after tax, as they wish, and not as the government dictates. Let us extend choice, extend the will to choose and the chance to choose."  

- Margaret Thatcher
Trivia Question

Which world leaders did President Trump meet on his first trip abroad as President?

A. King Salman of Saudi Arabia
B. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel
C. Pope Francis
D. All of the above

RCAC Needs Your Support
RCAC is the voice of the Republican Party in Allegheny County providing guidance and support to candidates and volunteers. RCAC maintains an office space and staff year-round. Our goals include increasing the registration of Republican voters and assist in electing Republicans to office.
We are now able to accept online donations.  To donate please follow the link HERE that will direct you to our websites Donation Page, or make out a check to "RCAC" and send to Republican Committee of Allegheny County, 100 Fleet Street Suite 205, Pittsburgh, PA 15220.  We would encourage all Republicans to please consider assisting us with financial support.  
Where Do Your Dollars Go?
  • Cost and maintenance of the RCAC Headquarters office
  • Technology: Phones, Computers, Website, Facebook outreach
  • Education & Services to Voters and Candidates
  • Training for Candidates and volunteers
  • Providing Caucuses, Assemblies, and Meetings as mandated by State Law, and our RCAC By-laws
Trivia Answer
Answer:  D - President Trump met with Saudi Arabia's King Salman, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Pope Francis during his recent trip abroad.

Do You Have President Trump's Back

Since Election Day, the radical left and their allies in the media have been working overtime to viciously attack and undermine President Trump.
To put it bluntly: They want to kill our agenda to Make America Great Again!

Our party, President Trump and GOP elected officials will continue to be targeted by paid protestors and radical leftists until we fight back.

We need your help right NOW to fight back. With your help, we will recruit and train a grassroots army of new volunteers committed to defeating the radical left and Making America Great Again.

Will you show that you have President Trump's back by contributing $100, $50, $25 or even $5 today by going to this Link.

Thank you for all that you do to keep our party strong,

Grassroots Tip
Managing Volunteer and Voter Information
Whenever you talk to someone new who expresses interest in volunteering for Republican activities, ask that person for his/her contact information and store it as soon as possible in your computer database system.  Contact information should include name, address, phone numbers, and e-mail address. You should also look up their voting district and record that as well.  Once you have stored information in a database system like Microsoft Access, you can easily create address lists, phone lists, email lists, and mailing labels.   
Taking the time to learn basic computer database skills will save you so much time later. When designing your database record structure, put the first and last names in separate columns as well as the address number and street name in separate columns.  This will enable you to produce lists in alphabetical order by last name or in alphabetical order by street name.
You can also obtain a CD free of charge with voter information for the entire county from the County Dept of Elections located in Room 604 of the County Office Building at 542 Forbes Street downtown.  You can then extract the voter data for your municipality and insert it into your own database.  This information not only provides names, addresses and party affiliation but also birthdates and past voting records.   An updated version of this information is available about 2 or 3 months after each Primary and General Election and only one copy per election is available free of charge to any voter in Allegheny County.  
This information is much more useful than the traditional hardcopy street lists because you can sort your database and create customized voter lists according to age, party, voting record such as for example "every Republican over 55 who voted in the 2016 Primary in District 6. 

We Have Stakes for Yard Signs
Due to a surplus of stakes being left over from the 2016 elections we currently have a large quantity of these stakes available at the RCAC headquarters. 

We have stakes that will fit both the standard 18 X 24 corrugated plastic signs or the standard 18 X 24 plastic sleeve signs. These will be given out on a first come first serve basis. 

Contact our Executive Director, Ryan Rabea, at 412-458-0068 for more information.