Earlier this year, Reliable Controls performed a control system assessment at a large mining facility in Mexico. Based on this assessment, the RCC team addressed several critical items to perform detailed engineering and system integration for the well-water expansion project at the facility.

The Engineering & System integration project involved detailed design of the control system, including:
  • The fiber optic and Ethernet communications to ensure the communications back-bone was clearly defined, functional, fit for purpose, and reliable as per the client’s requirements.
  • Development of the control system documentation such as: Interlock matrices, Controls Narratives, Network diagrams, Programming standards, and Interconnect drawings.
  • Development of the I/O listings, and Alarm listings to ensure all ranges, units, set points, and priorities were defined, consistent, and reviewed by our client representative prior to implementation.
  • Development of detailed control narratives to ensure the proper functional operation of the controls system.
The RCC team also stood in as “subject matter experts” during the Hazard and Operability process (HAZOP), providing instruction for the defined interlocks and permissives, control system behavior and a solid understanding of all procedures involved. RCC was also tasked to provide a HAZOP facilitator to guide the work-shop through completion, and provide a recommendation report which was addressed by RCC and the client.