Table of Contents:
  • RCMS announces it push for World Domination
  • New Client Web Portal
  • Frequently asked questions.

ˌintrəˈdəkSH(ə)n/ 1. the action of introducing something.

      With the New Year,
comes new changes, 
        for old challenges...
We believe what protects the integrity of the legal community is a legal courier service and process serving agency whose systems are set in place to insure all services provided
 are  accurate and dependable. 
It has taken us several years of numerous late night software development sessions, to finally customize such a product for our clients.  One that not only generates accountability with the services we provide but also creates a more efficient work environment for the client.
And it is with this public service announcement that we are releasing our new client web portal into the wild for the greater good of the legal community. new system that not only increases accountability but also efficiency in Reno/Carson's every day strive for excellence.

Thank you for your time and efforts,
Johnno Lazetich 
General Manager  
Reno/Carson Messenger Service Inc.  Lic #322

Topic of the Month: 
New Client Web Portal

What is a client web portal?   
No,  it's not time to beam up Scotty. A web portal is a secure web based portal that allows clients to create new jobs, check real time statuses, track invoices, and run their own cost analysis reports online. 
Press play to watch a video tutorial of your new Web Portal.
Since this video was produced, the V2 button has been replace by the "Account Access" button 
 The video tutorial labeled "2017 New Client Web Portal" is also available to view from our home page

New Features for better efficiency:

     Dispatch and track ALL your Messenger, Court Filing/ Recordings & Service of Process requests.
  • CLONE: Save valuable time by utilizing the clone feature to duplicate multiple messenger, court, or service of process requests all within the same case information.

  • ADDRESS BOOK: You'll never have to retype the same address twice with your own address book that automatically saves addresses as you go.
Keep watching for these newsletters as each month we will be covering more and more great features with this new web portal!

Frequently Asked Questions :

Q & A with Johnno Lazetich General Manager of RCMS
Over the past several months, we have accumulated a list of frequently asked questions by our clients pertaining to the
new web portal.  

These are direct quotes. We have left out the names to protect the innocent. 

"Is this MANDATORY? Do we have to use the new system? I don't like it and it seems like more work for us!"
Ok, Ok.....We are not 2nd or 8th Judicial here, nothing is mandatory. We still live in a world where my father thinks Siri is complicated, and I have employees who "blank stare" me when I pick up the mouse and talk into the monitor saying,"Computer...Hello Computer" (Star Trek IV)
The best advise I have for using this new system:
  • Bookmark the web portal,
  • Make sure your security settings always remembers your password,
  • Always use the CLONE feature to re-create requests in the same case
  • Use your address book
  • Use the Note feature for all questions that correspond to each tracking number. 
  • Please do not let this new system frustrate you. If something doesn't make sense or is not working properly please let us know and we will fix it.  If problems still arise, let me buy you and your office lunch and I will come give a brief hands on demonstration.

"What if my service docs are too big to upload or there is a check attached?  
Instead of filling out a process form or typing a letter of instructions, upload the service instructions but no documents. After you have submitted your request, you will be able to print your service instructions and attach them to the service documents for pick up.  

 "Do we still have to print out 2 messenger slips for anything going to 1st Jud or Sec of State?'
No, if a document is submitted, validation is made available online with a date, and time stamp. 

"Is there an extra charge for using the online messenger system?"
No, there is no extra charge for using our online system.

"Do I still have to call if I order a SPECIAL online"
Yes, you should always call in a Special or RUSH/TODAY service of process, or any time sensitive requests  once they have been submitted. As soon as you know you will be needing our services, please submit your request online with full and detailed instructions, so our dispatch can get to it as quickly as possible.  Please let us know if you have any more questions. 
For more great questions to be put in the future news letter, please email me at 

Johnno Lazetich, General Manager
Fax 775-322-3408