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Resident Educator Year 2 Newsletter 
November, 2016
This monthly Resident Educator e-news is designed to provide you with helpful information and resources.
Upcoming RE Year 2 Sessions
Thanks to all who have attended the first RE2 session. Please see the following schedule of the remaining sessions. Be sure to mark your calendar now.  It is important that you attend these sessions to learn more about the Resident Educator requirements and strategies to help you continue to grow as a teacher. Both sessions will be held at the Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West, 2275 Collingwood Blvd, Toledo, OH  43620 from 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm.
RE 2.2  Monday, Nov. 21
Reflection & Analysis
Formative/Summative Assessment
RE 2.3  Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017
Professional Development

Program Requirements and Documentation
To date you should have completed:
1.      Your self assessment (OTES)
2.      Created two goals 
3.      Videotaped a lesson and reviewed it with your mentor.

In addition you should be meeting with your mentor on a regular basis and documenting these meetings using a Collaborative Log or Journal or similar system.
The Resident Educator Mentor Tool Kit is created for use by mentors in their work with Resident Educators. The tools are used to facilitate professional development and discussion around the Teaching and Learning Cycle during the Mentoring Years of Residency. The Mentor Toolbox can be reviewed here and includes:
Collaborative Log 
a tool designed to facilitate and record the discussions between the mentor and Resident Educator.
a tool based on the Ohio Standards for the Teaching Profession (OSTP) that is used to analyze and place one's practice on a continuum to understand achievement areas and areas for growth.

a tool that provides a brief overview of the program standards to inform local implementation of the Resident Educator Program.

a tool used for guidance on the importance of gathering and analyzing multiple forms of student data to inform planning and instruction.

a tool that may be used to organize data and promote analysis of the data to drive instruction targeted to student needs and aligns to several OTES areas.

a form required by OTES and based on the OSTP that is designed to align goal setting with individual and building needs based on the Self-Assessment form. 

a form required by OTES and based on the OSTP that is designed to provide insights into strengths and areas for growth.

a series of questions and ideas based on the OSTP and aligned with OTES to facilitate mentor/RE discussions within the ongoing Teaching and Learning Cycle which all discussions and analysis are based upon.
The use of these tools and the professional dialogue that ensues will accelerate teacher growth and development which will yield higher student achievement. The practices will also ensure readiness for the RESA during the Assessment Year(s) to demonstrate that the teacher is equipped with the skills and practices necessary to be successful in the teaching profession.

Meeting Cancellations Due to Weather or Other Circumstances
RE Meetings will be held as scheduled unless there are extreme conditions that interfere. This would be a rare occurrence. If a session is cancelled or changed, participants will be notified by the ESC of Lake Erie West by 2 p.m. so be sure to check your email prior to leaving school.
Additional Teaching Resources
Take a look at these practical resources to help you continue to improve your instructional practices:



If you have questions, contact Karen Creps, Resident Educator Consortium Program Coordinator,  Lisa Exner , Professional Development Consultant 
or Kim Sofo , Professional Development Consultant

Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West