"It may seem obvious, but stereotypes exist because people stereotype. It's easier to draw a caricature than to explore the complexities of someone who is different from us. By consequence, churches are largely segregated because people like hanging out with those who look, talk, and act like themselves. But is that what the church is meant to be? I don't believe so..."

- Ethan Seifried

THIS WEEK (Thursday, May 23... not in November)

8:30am to 12pm - coffee, pastries and a light lunch will be served
at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church (map)
5555 N. Federal Hwy.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

Meeting is in the Gangway student area. Parking and entrance are on the far south side of the campus. Follow the signs, entrance will be marked.

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The face of America is changing, and South Florida is ahead of the curve. The Church in South Florida has the opportunity to set the pace for the American Church for generations to come. But are we up to the challenge? This month, we'll be discussing the following:

- Repenting of our cultural idolatry
- The fullness of Christ in the diversity of the Church
- Leading without patronizing or pandering
- Confronting, comforting, encouraging, or challenging with the Gospel
- The future of the Church

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Rick Hunter
RENEW South Florida