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RESA Newsletter - January, 2017
You are in the home stretch of completing the RESA! Remember the Second Lesson Cycle  Task and the Formative and Summative Assessment Task are due February 15 th . There are  no extensions granted so be sure you are on schedule to complete submissions well in  advance of the deadline. You never know if winter weather delays and closings might  interfere with your plans so take care of your video for the Second Lesson Cycle Task immediately.

Second Lesson Cycle Task
Be careful with the the Second Lesson Cycle Task. Be sure to devote as much time  and effort to this as you did to the First Lesson Cycle Task. In the past some people have passed the First Lesson Cycle Task but not the second. 

Demonstrate your understanding of and ability to implement the
plan, teach, reflect elements of the Teaching-Learning Cycle

Describe, reflect on, and analyze how and why lesson planning decisions were 

How these decisions were implemented 

Think carefully about your choice of lessons!
Formative and Summative Assessment Task
The Formative and Summative Assessment Task asks you to demonstrate your 
understanding of and ability to implement the Teaching-Learning Cycle: describe, analyze,  and reflect upon how evidence from assessments was used to modify your 
ing practice as needed to improve student learning and achievement of the learning 
outcomes for this unit.

If you have any submission questions, please contact the RESA Help Desk by calling 
toll-free (855) 538-8634, Monday through Friday, 2 p.m.-10 p.m. EST, and Saturday-Sunday,  9 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST, or by emailing

All the best to you as you  complete the RESA! 

which will provide answers to questions about RESA and should help you as you prepare  to submit the Second Lesson Cycle Task and the Formative and Summative Assessment Task.

The following links are to webinars provided by Educopia. If you have not viewed them yet, they prove to be very helpful so take the time to look at them.
  • Special Webinar on the Formative and Summative Assessment Task (video)
  • Special Webinar on the Lesson Cycle Tasks  (video)
  • Screencast: Navigating the RESA Submission System (video)
More information and resources are available at the Educational Service Center of Lake  Erie West website.
Here is the link

If possible have someone videotape you. That way you can just concentrate on your 
teaching and not worry about the videotaping.
Many RESA candidates have had a better experience when using a tablet to videotape.
Practice, practice, practice - don't depend on just one video. Shoot several so you can 
choose the best one to submit.
The camera cannot be stopped at any time. If you are going from related to lab, the 
camera must run and show the transition.
Turn off sleep before uploading (it will take one minute to load for each minute of video)
The following offers some insight as what the assessors see as they score submissions:
Assessors can go back and review the Context Form 3.1 as well as the video as often as 
they need.
Assessors see the candidate's responses to all questions that are assessed using the same  rubric. Once that portion has been assessed the responses CANNOT be seen again by the  assessor. Therefore, you might have to restate some of your responses if another rubric  requires that same info.
For the Second Lesson Cycle - assessors only see the 15 minutes that you selected with a  still life picture of your beginning and ending of your lesson
If there is PII info in other segments of the video, but NOT the 15 minutes you select, the  video will be scorable.  In other words, if there is PII info in your lesson, do NOT select  that portion for your 15 minutes.


Differentiating Instruction: Finding Manageable Ways to Meet Individual Needs

If you have questions, contact Kim Sofo, Professional Development Consultant,  Karen Creps, Resident Educator Consortium Program Coordinator,  Lisa Exner , Professional Development Consultant 

Educational Service Center of Lake Erie West