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Resident Educator Year 3 
RESA Newsletter
November, 2016

The following is the most current information related to the RESA Program. The deadline for the December submissions is drawing near. There are NO deadline extensions so be sure you are completing the requirements NOW.
Please access the links in this newsletter and review the content to assist you in the RESA process.
RESA Webinars
It is VERY important that you view the webinars!  The videos and slides offer so many helpful suggestions as well as pitfalls to avoid. Please take 1 hour to view each one prior to submitting your task.  It will be well worth it!
Special Webinar on the Lesson Cycle Tasks ( slides )  ( video  - *click "open" once you get to the video page) 
Special Webinar on the Communications and Professional Growth Task ( slides (video)
Special Webinar on the Formative and Summative Assessment Task ( slides ) ( video

Technical Guidance & System Requirements
RESA Help Desk
Should you have any questions, the Help Desk will be available via phone beginning September 12, 2016. Educopia staff will respond to any inquiries sent to
Help Desk  (855) 538-8634 - Monday through Friday, 11 a.m.- 7 p.m. EDT (beginning September 12, 2016  
Additional Resources

If you have questions, contact Karen Creps, Resident Educator Consortium Program Coordinator,  Lisa Exner , Professional Development Consultant 
or Kim Sofo , Professional Development Consultant

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