Tomislav Bralic and KLAPA INTRADE  
Concert Tour
April 2013
~ coming to select cities near you ~ 
Klapa Intrade
Tomislav Bralić & Klapa Intrade US TOUR scheduled for April2013
Tomislav Bralic i Klapa Intrade

April 4, 2013 - 7:30PM - NEW YORK  /Hammerstein Ballroom 
311 W 34th St  New York, NY 10001

April 6, 2013 - 7:30PM - CLEVELAND 
American-Croatian Lodge
34900 Lake Shore Blvd., Eastlake, Ohio44095
 10:00PM AFTER PARTY /live music, DJ

April 10, 2013 - 7:30PM - CHICAGO
  2135 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL

April 11, 2013 - 7:30PM - DETROIT  
Fillmore Theater
2115 Woodward, Detroit, MI 48201

4 - 11


Scardona has been nominated for 8 PORIN (Croatian equivalent to U.S. Grammy) Awards !
Among others, in category VIDEO OF THE YEAR:
Tomislav Bralic & Klapa Intrade "Arena Zagreb!"

...And exactly what IS "Klapa Music?"
KLAPA music is a form of a cappella singing that first appeared in littoral Croatia during the middle of the 19th century. The word 
klapa is derived from a word in slang Italian spoken in Trieste at the time. It refers to "a group of people" and the singing style traces its roots to liturgical church singing. The motifs in general celebrate love, wine (grapes), country (homeland) and of course, the sea. The main elements of the music are harmony and melody, with rhythm very rarely being very important.

A klapa group consists of a first tenor, a second tenor, a baritone, and a bass. It is possible to double all the voices apart from the first tenor.

klapa intrade
Pam and I were lucky enough to hear KLAPA music for the first time in 1977 while we were studying Croatian folklore on the island of Badija. A group of fisherman had anchored their boats close by and asked our local restaurant to grill their fish. These same fisherman sat down at our table, sipped their wine, and they began to sing in parts. Our first impulse was to run and grab our cameras and recording equipment, but instead we remained glued to our seats, unable to break the spell or ruin the moment. As the unobstructed stars above shone down as a canopy in the skies above us, these men sang the most beautiful songs we'd ever heard, using the most beautiful harmonies we'd ever listened to. We thought we'd died and gone to heaven. This was our first exposure to klapa singing, and we'll never ever forget it...

We were very fortunate to be able to re-create this phenomenal experience in Cleveland in January at the Klapa CAMBI concert. Now, we have yet another opportunity to hear yet another extraordinary klapa ansambl during