July 19 - 7:15 PM

July 21 - 4:00 PM

July 26 - 7:45 PM


 Ellouise and Flag       

Arlington National Cemetery:

My Forever Home 

a NEW One-Woman Show  


Storyteller Ellouise Schoettler, an Arlington widow, weaves personal experience, current stories and the traditions of Arlington National Cemetery into an uncommon view of this hallowed place ......

 which will be her "forever home".


This is my FOURTH year at the Fringe and I love it. A chance to bring a new show out for YOU - Hope you will come to hear it!   


The reviews are IN.  This is what the reviewers have said:

 DC Metro Theater Arts   
"she closes a show ostensibly about death and loss on a note of life and hope." 
DC Theater Scene - HERE
 "The amazing aspect of this performance is that it is deeply personal yet sheds light on broader political and cultural issues."

MD Theater Guide - HERE
"Perhaps the best part of this show is Schoettler's style of presenting the material. It is just her seated on a stool as if you were seated in her living room. She has a very warm quality about her and the piece shows off her talents in putting together an engaging monologue which is not easy to do." 


dc Broadway World  - HERE

"With nary a script or prop - she displays an uncanny ability to capture not only images (funerals, a group of school kids visiting the cemetery, or a group of buddies from the Screaming Eagles visiting their fallen friends and enjoying camaderie) of the grounds, but also the emotions  of those who visit there."


"it's poignant and well, pretty darn perfect."





Ellouise Schoettler is a veteran storyteller who has been seasoned the last 20 plus years  

on stages coast to coast.