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Whoops A Daisy!

Sorry for the additional email.  Apparently, our message about the Luncheonette Apron in this morning's earlier email was the text from last week's Amy ala Mode Laptop Sleeve Tutorial

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Friendship Scarf
Here's a great springtime scarf that's super easy to whip up. So easy, in fact, that you could whip up one for you and one for a friend in no time. Which is why we call it the Friendship Scarf!

This scarf has different fabrics on the two sides, which makes it very versatile. We used Sandi Henderson fabric on one side. This fabric is lighter weight than you're average quilting cotton, so makes a lovely scarf. Using two Sandi Henderson fabrics would make for an even lighter, springier scarf than the one we made here!

We styled ours with a covered button on a pin. We made one button with each fabric so we could do a contrasting button no matter which side we wanted to show. It works perfectly, because with these big covered buttons, you get two in a kit!

Visit our blog for the details on how to make this adorable scarf!

The fabrics we chose for our scarf are the Sandi Henderson Wallflowers in Melon and Pick a Bunch in Sunflower, but there are tons of options. Here are a few more we considered:

Friendship Scarf Fabric Suggestions 

From left to right: Sandi Henderson Paisley Garden in Moss (top) with Slim Stripe in Confection (bottom), Sandi Henderson Vintage Ironwork in Berry (top) with Sandi Henderson Wallflowers in Dusk (bottom), and Scatter Square in Lime (top) with Sandi Henderson Party Dress in Toffee (bottom).

And with Sandi Henderson fabrics on sale this week 25% off (see below - use coupon code SANDI25 at checkout), it's a perfect time to make one (or two!) of these scarves!

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Luncheonette Apron
New at Bobbin's Nest Studio:
I had my first job at the ripe ol' age of 15.5 (as soon as I could get a work permit and do something other than babysitting) as a waitress in a 50's diner.  We wore ridiculous outfits and I came home everyday smelling of condiments, grilled meat, and onions.  It was hard work and whereas I liked my paycheck ($3.25/hour for those with kids saying minimum wage today stinks), I despised my outfit and asked to wear a "cute little apron to jazz it up a bit."  My boss came back with a definitive, "No.  This is not a fashion show."

When Dolin came to me with this adorable apron without a name, I thought back to those days of working in the diner and deemed it the Luncheonette Apron. It's double-sided and outfitted with pockets on both sides.  Perfect!  If you drip something on one side you just wipe it off, flip it over and look at that...fresh as a daisy!

The Kona Cotton Colorworks gingham is double-sided, so you could use this as the base fabric in lieu of the Essex.

It's now available in our store as a downloadable sewing pattern.  Did you know we have downloadable knitting and crochet patterns too?  What are you waiting for?  
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Sandi Henderson Fabric Collage


25% OFF
Sandi Henderson Fabrics

Use coupon code
at checkout

Offer valid 4/9/12 - 4/15/12 only! 
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April 9 Color Story
COLOR STORY OF THE WEEK: A Perfect Friendship

  It's no secret, blue is my favorite color.
I drive a blue car.  I cruise on a blue bicycle.  I ride a blue Vespa.  I wear blue clothes.
My friend Heidi on the other hand is a yellow girl.
She recently bought a yellow coat which inspired me to make her a little spring present...
a yellow and blue scarf to which I made a matching one for myself.
That's how this week's Friendship Scarf came to be...
making a goodie for a friend and combining our two favorite colors.
The idea of making a scarf in the Spring may seem a little nutty if you're a knitter,
but this color combination of blue, yellow, and green says Spring to me!
The fabrics are just yummy!  Wallflowers is light
and the Pick a Bunch is organic cotton, so it feels delicious too!
She'll receive her scarf this week (she lives in Denver),
and when I wore mine to the cafe last Friday, I was told I looked "very sunny!"

"A single rose can be my garden... a single friend, my world."
~Leo Buscaglia

Fabric in our color story (top to bottom):
Vintage Ironwork in Leaf
Kona Cotton in Cheddar
Grand Tapestry in Speckle
Pick a Bunch in Sunflower
Paisley Garden in Turquoise
Slim Stripe in Marseille
Wallflowers in Melon

Yarn in our color story (top to bottom):
The Fibre Company Canopy in Quetzal
 The Fibre Company Canopy in Cats Claw
The Fibre Company Canopy in Paw Paw  
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Friendship Scarf
Friendship Scarf!

Have you registered  on our website yet?  What are you waiting for?  It's FREE, quick, and painless.  While you're there, if you're an Honorary Bobbin make sure and leave us a note, so we can flip the switch for you to enjoy your savings online! Make sure you create your FREE account because you won't want to miss out on this week's drawing!

All registered customers will be entered into this week's drawing to win our sample Friendship Scarf and it's two covered buttons! The winner will be chosen at random and contacted next Monday, 4/16.  Oh, and the shipping is on us!  All you have to do is register if you haven't already to be included!

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