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Professor Vivek SharmaIIT-K Alumnus in the Higgs Boson Discovery


An alumnus of IIT Kanpur and Professor of Physics at the University of California, San Diego, Professor Vivek Sharma is one of the first people to know about the existence of the Higgs Boson, the discovery hailed as one of the most path breaking in modern times. Two major experiments, one of which was headed by Sharma, confirmed the existence of the sub-atomic particle. "You and I exist because of this particle," said Prof Sharma to the media.


Professor Sharma, who obtained his master's in physics from IIT-K, heads the European Organization for Nuclear Research's Compact Muon Solenoid experiment - one of the two large particle physics detectors built on the Large Hadron Collider - team that found the Higgs Boson. Read More.

Kolkatta born - S N Bose & the God particle

With all the current excitement over the 'God Particle' (aka Higgs Boson), it is fitting to remember the man who gave the second part of the name to this particle. Boson
The name boson derives from the surname of the Indian physicist Satyendranath Bose, who first proposed Bose-Einstein statistics as an explanation of Planck's law.

In particle physics, bosons (play /ˈb oʊsɒn/[1]) are one of the two fundamental classes of elementary particles, the other being fermions. Unlike fermions, bosons have integer spin and obey Bose-Einstein statistics. This class of elementary particles includes the photons and gluons, as well as the Higgs Boson . The concept can be extended to other subatomic particles obeying Bose-Einstein statistics, such as mesons (e.g., pions and kaons), and nuclei of even mass number (e.g., helium-4). 

Ashish Dembla -IIT Kanpur
Tech research assistant killed in accident had rare intellect, passion for life

The 26-year-old, killed in an automobile accident that also took his parents' lives early Sunday morning in Tennessee, was studying radical 3D interconnect technologies for high-performance computing systems. According to one of his professors at Tech, Muhannad Bakir, Ashish had already published six papers on the topic.
"He was an extremely intelligent person," said friend Pritham Raja. "All of his peers went to him for help." Read More
IIT Campuses


IIT Madras Professor Sundar

Award for IIT Madras Maths Professor  


A professor from the Mathematics Department of IIT-Madras has been honoured with the "Alumni Ambassador of the City of Kaiserslautern, Germany" award. 
"He is one among the four recipients, including the President of Google, Europe, and the only Indian to receive this award," a statement from IIT-Madras said. Read More.


IIT-B prof contributes to Big Bang experiment   


Mumbai has reason to be proud, as a professor from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B) has made a major contribution to the ongoing Big Bang experiment in Europe.

Professor Raghava Varma from the IIT-B's Physics Engineering Department is overseeing A Large Iron Collaborator Experiment (ALICE), one of the four parts of the $10 billion experiment. Prof Varma hopes to get the accelerator physics technology to India, as it will play a major role in fulfilling requirements like water, electricity, health and other aspects of human life in the near future. Read More

TravelTriangle launched by ex-IIT students clocking revenues of Rs 1.2 crore in just 7 months

It is a classic start-up story- two childhood buddies who graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology and turn their backs on corporate careers to launch a venture of their own.

However, unlike many start-ups that struggle to take-off in the initial days of their journey, TravelTriangle, an online travel services company launched by Sankalp Agrawal and Sanchit Garg is clocking revenues of Rs 1.2 crore in just seven months.  Read More.

IIT Chapters


Based on the newly constituted PanIIT Memorandum of Association, following Chairs of Pan IIT Alumni have been Nominated in the newly constituted Pan IIT Alumni EC: 
PanIIT Alumni  Chair:  Mr. Himanshu R. Vaish
PanIIT Alumni Co Chair:  Mr. Shashi Munjal
PanIIT Chair Finance:  Mr. V.Gopinathan 
History is in the making with PanIIT for the first time having the AAs as its General Body and all EC members nominated by their respective AAs. This should clear the issues which many alumni had regarding PanIIT.  
For rapid nation building, provide wide-spread publicity by air and fiber, for the good work being done by not only NBIs but also by other right thinking persons in India and abroad to expose our vast population to innovations, technology, procedures and management practices to better their life through self sustaining and replicable initiatives to fire up the people of India, including its children and youth. 

WHEELS Announces Business Plan Competition For Kolkata2012 Conference:

The PanIIT WHEELS program is happy to announce a planned "Call For Entrepreneurship" competition for IITans with cash and recognition awards for winners. There will be one cash prize winner with award worth Rs. 50,000 plus two runners-up in each of the six tracks ( Water, Health, Energy, Education, Lifestyle and Security ). These awards will be given after evaluating business plans submitted by former and current IITans and evaluated by six teams of experts, one team in each track.

In addition to these winners, there will be one Grand Prize awarded at the conference, to the most meritorious business plan. This Grand Prize winner will be chosen from among the cash-winning entries, by a different valuation team.  The winner will be paired with mentor(s) who will assist the winner in implementing the plan through incubation and pilot stages.

For more information, please contact Gulab Bhavnani at gbhavnani@aol.com

IIT Events



Welcome to IIT Roorkee North America Alumni Reunion 2012 on Sept 1st and 2nd in Chicago, to share knowledge, network and enjoy with your old buddies, seniors and juniors from across branches, batches and geographies.

IIT Roorkee Alumni Association of North America invites all IIT Roorkee alumni and their family / friends to register for this reunion and interact with alumni with backgrounds ranging from entrepreneurship, investments, academics, engineering, research, international business to social entrepreneurship and fiction writing.

Prof Banerji, Director IIT Roorkee is confirmed to attend. He is committed to take IIT-Roorkee to the next level, so let's help him help us all.

Amit Singhal, Google Fellow - the man behind Google Search, will deliver the keynote on Sept 1st.

Program activities include family fun activities, career / coaching, and professional tracks on Corporate Leadership, Entrepreneurship / Innovation and Technology / Research. Read More: (https://sites.google.com/site/iitrreunion2012/)

 Register today to avail of the Early Bird discount. Register:


The venue is Hyatt Lisle, at the following address:
 Hyatt Lisle

 1400 Corporetum Drive
 Lisle, IL 60532

A block of rooms is reserved at group rates. Special rates for the event are:
$74/night plus taxes (approx. 11%) for a regular room
$114/night plus taxes (approx 11%) for a suite


To reserve, please call Hyatt toll-free at (888) 421-1442 to book your room. Please ask for "IITR" room rate.

 Reserve Room: https://resweb.passkey.com/Resweb.do?mode=welcome_ei_new&eventID=9739173

Register: http://www.iitraana.net/registrai

Contact: iitroorkeereunion2012@gmail.com

Networking event: So Cal Pan IIT Chapter

Southern California Pan IIT Alumni Association is partnering with OCTANe for a professional networking mixer on Thursday 8/2/2012.
Attendance is free, however registration is required.

 Register today at: http://www.octaneoc.org/events/octane-firsty-8212/

Date: August 2nd, 2012, 5:30 to 7:30 pm
 Venue: Muldoon's Irish Pub, 202 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, 92660

Light appetizers will be served.

We encourage all IIT alumni in Southern California to take advantage of this opportunity to network, and form new connections. Any questions on this event, please contact:

Pramod Kunju: pkunju@gmail.com (818-209-0172) President, So Cal Pan IIT
Anirban Das: anirban.das1981@gmail.com (213-453-3851) Co-VP, Professional Events
Arun Kiri: arunkiri@gmail.com Co-VP, Professional Events
Arun Tripathi: atrip2000@yahoo.com (310-497-2504) Exec. VP, So Cal Pan IIT
Divya Shakti: divyashakti@gmail.com (352-328-8303) VP-Outreach

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