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The Struggle is Real: Grief
Matthew 5:4
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Weekly Message:
This is the final week in "The Struggle Is Real" series! This week Perry Ross is speaking about grief. If you haven't heard Perry speak before, you're in for a treat! If nothing else, come for his kick-(you-know-what) mustache.
We constantly grieve small things... I'm still not over Starbucks' discontinuation of Oprah Chai earlier this year. (Ok, ok... but still. I LOVED it!) Then there are the things that stop life as we know it - the end of a relationship, the termination of a job, an unexpected life transition, or the death of a loved one.
Last night as I was eating with a friend, I said something that stopped me in my tracks. I had unwittingly said a phrase that a deceased family member used to say, and the memory and pain of that death came flooding in. Time froze for a moment and I had to blink away the tears that sprang to my eyes.
Grief is like that, isn't it? An unexpected wash of memory, a momentary freeze, and I'm lost in a moment - no matter how many years have passed.
What we're talking about this week isn't just about death, although that is definitely a part of it. Come hear more about this topic that impacts all of us in big and small ways, and what Jesus wants us to know about it. I can't wait!
Jamie Richards 
PS - Heads up! Next week is Holy Week, which means REVIVE is worshiping at the Maundy Thursday service in the Worship Center at 7:00 pm! We'll sit on the far left side of the Worship Center. Come early to get seats together! Then we're headed out for an AfterParty!  
PPS - Come back the next day for Good Friday! (Services at noon and 7:00 pm). I'll be speaking on one of the last seven words of Jesus along with other teaching pastors at Hope. It's a powerful service that helps us to not only remember what Jesus has done, but celebrate Easter more fully!
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