This Week:
Social Media | Social Media Without a Strategy
3 minute read

How do you formulate a social media strategy for your company or for yourself? Most people would say you don't need a strategy if you're posting content for yourself. If you care about your personal brand, you should take the time to formulate a strategy. The principles for companies and individuals are the same. It doesn't need to be complicated. I'll address at a high level how to think about the types of content, when to post and what to say.

Human Resources |  Innovation, Tradition, and Striking the Balance  
4 minute read

Our professional development trajectory, by definition, is based on forward progress and constantly pushing into new territories. As in our personal lives, most of us are excited about those new experiences, as they present us new opportunities to be challenged and to grow. And it is that growth that we (as professionals) see as the greatest similarity between our personal and professional lives. We achieve that growth when we step outside our comfort zone and attack those new, exciting, frightening, exhilarating opportunities.
Does this mean there is no place for traditions, standardization, same-ness in our professional life? I'd like to propose three areas where - for most of us - having those familiar and repeatable touchstones can be critical for our success.

Request for Proposal | Janitorial Services

The Kamloops Chamber of Commerce is circulating a request for proposal for janitorial services, and as such, the Chamber invites your organization, or someone you know, to submit a proposal to provide information on rates, as it relates to janitorial services. 

Learn more about this opportunity here.

The deadline to submit a proposal is November 1st at 5:00pm.
Target Marketing Opportunity | Take Part in the Chamber's Bi-annual Mail Out

Looking for a way to get your business noticed? This is the opportunity for you! The Chamber sends a renewal mail out bi-annually to the entire membership and your business could get in on it!

Inspiration |  4 Podcasts Every Entrepreneur Should Be Listening To  
3 minute read

How do you spend the time it takes you to get from one place to another? Whether you're walking to lunch, commuting to work or traveling across the globe, you and other entrepreneurs should be thinking about how to make the most of these windows of time in your schedule.


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