It's still winter, but a lot of us can't wait to RIP into some tasty, springtime singletrack! And there's no finer feeling than jumping on a fresh rig when the weather warms to get that first ride fix. Take $500 off any of the RIP 9 RDO or RIP 9 Carbon models now and get ready to tear up the trails. 


Having the right tool for every job is certainly a good approach when you want to get things done right, but what do you do if you've only got one tool? It better be the one that can get it all done-the RIP.

Built around our patented CVA suspension and refined geometry, it delivers unwavering traction to get you efficiently to the top of any climb. Chunky, tight, technical?...doesn't matter. When you're ready to point it back down, the 125 mm of tuned suspension travel and dialed rider positioning let you pick your way precisely or plow the trail to the bottom, your choice.

The RIP is built in two different frame configurations, either full carbon or carbon front with alloy rear, to provide price point versatility. Further tune this killer quiver with a variety of build kits starting with our RDO 5-Star XTR, and you've got a jack-of-all-trades trail bike to master them all.

In its  review of the RIP 9 RDO, Pinkbike loved the bike's "balanced feel and capable handling," and went further in saying, "Perhaps the R.I.P. 9 RDO feels 'just right' because it is the ripened fruit of a long evolutionary cycle. Incremental improvements, like slightly modified frame numbers, proper fork offset and custom tuned suspension..." We couldn't have said it better.

Don't believe them? Then do yourself a favor and ride the RIP, one of our most versatile 29ers.  takes a guided tour of Israel with Nimi Cohen

"I'm just a bicycle guy. I ride bikes, I make my living out of riding, guiding and by organizing cycling events, and I try to help the Israeli cycling culture develop and evolve. I'm the manager and founder of
Ez Harim."

Photo: Marc Gasch

"I had a good managing job in a well known company and I found out that I almost don't ride anymore. I didn't have quality time with my girlfriend. I got disconnected from 'the source' and from my center. I took a gamble, quit my job, decided to make my living from guiding and instructing mountain biking and from writing about riding and bikes."

Photo: Marc Gasch

"The skeptics told me it's a big mistake and I would eventually hate my hobby but I chose to listen to other smart guys who told me that if I work doing what I love, I won't work a single day in my life."

Photo: Marc Gasch

Last year we decided to honor the International Mountain Bicycling Association's continuing efforts to get more riders out on bikes by building and auctioning ten special edition RLT 9 Steel bikes. We're happy to say that not only did the bikes turn out great, but we also sold every one of them to exceed our fundraising goal!

Now that the sale is complete and the bikes have reached their happy homes, we are proud to present the proceeds to IMBA in the form of a Big Check...literally. With much pomp and circumstance, Niner's founder Chris Sugai greeted IMBA's President Mike van Abel with a warm handshake and wasted no time in delivering the earnings from the benefit auction.

A special thank you to all of you who bid on the bikes, and we of course wish IMBA continued success in all their efforts on behalf of bicyclists everywhere.

Lucky auction winner Josh Viner picks up his IMBA Edition Niner Bikes RLT 9 Steel at Niner Bikes headquarters in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Going to the bike shop can be like running the gauntlet- but JRA Bikes & Brew, just north of Los Angeles, is changing the formula. The "Destination Shop" offers coffee and tea in addition to bike services, gear and maps, and visitors often stop by just to hang out. "We put our service area right up front, so people can meet the mechanics and chat," says owner Vince Gest, who opened the shop a little over two years ago with his wife. "Cycling as a whole is a really social thing that people like to do with their friends," he says. "We thought it would be fun to have a shop that reflects that."

Before JRA, Vince worked for twenty years in medical prosthetics, helping people get set up with new limbs. Opening the shop was a longtime dream, and he now uses his knowledge of body mechanics and kinesiology to help fit bikes. "I use a full clinical approach, because of my  background," says Vince. "It's a lot different than what you see some people doing."

Besides the bike fits and the mellow atmosphere, customers love JRA because of their friendly approach to sharing knowledge. As a hub of world class riding for roadies and mountain bikers alike, the nearby Santa Monica Mountains attract everyone from recreational riders to professional winter training camps. Vince assures me you can easily link a hundred miles without touching pavement. "We make sure we're always open early to hook people up with maps and routes," he says. "Sometimes we'll even go ride with them!"

The shop also runs regular group rides; a midweek night ride and a weekend gravel grinder, which usually attract about a dozen people. Since most of the shops in the area are fairly road-centric, Vince says they've leaned the other way, towards more off-road adventures. "We have a solid crew here, definitely," says Vince. The shop sponsors the local Cyclocross finals, called Santa Cross in mid December, where Niner demos bikes.

And what about the name? JRA stands for 'just riding along,' which isn't just what mechanics hear all day about the moment before your bike broke. "We think it really shows our relaxed way of looking at things," says Vince. So next time you're in the area, just ride along to JRA Bikes & Brew for a coffee- and a friendly slice of the local bike community.

Visit JRA Bikes & Brew, located in Agoura Hills, CA

The calendar says winter, so you better take note. The weather these days can be a real guessing game, but don't get caught out in the cold. The new RDO Beanie is just the thing to pull down on your noggin to ward off the brain freeze and keep your ears warm. It's cozy and fleecy on the inside, with colorful accents on the outside, or maybe that's not your style? Wear it your way. It's reversible!

Niner employees are passionate riders who believe that time spent on the trails with friends  is as important as time spent in the office. Scraped knees, riding tales, and camp fire smell  in our jackets remind us of our primary goal - building beautiful, dependable bikes that you will enjoy as much as we do.
Thank you, from the Niner Bikes Crew!


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