Oklahoma's primary elections are TOMORROW (Tuesday, June 24).  As I have said before, ROPE does not endorse candidates because we are not a PAC or C3, however, we are able to make our personal picks known.

I hope it will be interesting for people to see that although ROPE is made up of a board of four moms, we don't always agree on everything - we're not parrots of one another, we're individuals that come together because of a single overarching vision - putting public education back into the hands of parents.  We have not had the time this year to research the candidates in each and every race.  Therefore, only the races with which we have familiarity are listed.  It is not meant to be a comprehensive list, consequently, a blank field is not necessarily lack of support.

Before I list our individual picks, however, I am going to mention...we are not donor-supported as are many organizations (nor do we want to be). ROPE never requests speaker fees, nor are we paid in any way for our research or writing.  We support ROPE solely through our personal bank accounts.  If you would like to make a non-tax-deductible donation of any size to support our work, you can do so here, or send a check to our address below. 

Okay, here are our picks:

Lynn:  Dax Eubanks. I love listening to Dax! I have noticed that other candidates are picking up Dax's lingo ! What a great way to spread the free market message! 
Julia:  Dax Eubanks.  Dax said at an event the other night "The role of Governor is not to govern the people. The role of Governor is to govern the government." 
Joy:  Dax Eubanks
Jenni:  Dax Eubanks. When constituents have to spend thousands of man hours lobbying Governor Fallin on numerous occasions to stop growing the size of government, it's time for a change.

Lynn:  Joy Hofmeister.  When Joy came out firmly against Common Core with her letter to Governor Fallin, I knew I had to support her! 
Julia:  Joy Hofmeister.  She finds the individual needs of students, and is firmly against a one-size-fits-all education system and says often that "The problems are best solved by those closest to the child, not from a bureaucracy in D.C." 
Joy:  Joy Hofmeister
Jenni:  Joy Hofmeister.  I felt Joy was fairly ignorant of a lot of the new 'reforms' our superintendent, governor and legislature had adopted for our state when we first met her. She has read our materials, frequently contacted us with follow-up questions, and developed a different perspective on several issues including Common Core - which came at a price - some of her previous donors deserted her campaign or asked for their donations to be returned.
Corporation Commissioner:
Lynn: Todd Hiett- His record proves to me he will fight for lower utility rates, the EPA and the Federal Government for Oklahomans! 
Julia: Todd Hiett
Joy:  Todd Hiett
Jenni:  Todd Hiett

Senator (replacing Tom Coburn):
Lynn:  Randy Brogdon.  I voted for Randy (I voted Absentee early) If there is a runoff between TW and Lankford , I will vote for Lankford - He has shown me how he is willing to work behind the scenes to help our cause and not just in a way for his public gain and I respect him for that.
Julia:  Randy Brogdon.  The rhetoric from the candidates in this race is all the same. The only one who has the voting record to back it up 100% is Randy Brogdon. 
Joy:  Randy Brogdon
Jenni:  Kevin Crow.  Crow -  a history professor - is extremely knowledgeable in not only civics but our Constitution.  He would be the true citizen legislator epitomized by the Framers of our nation.  He is fearless and hilarious to boot.  Julia and I believe he should have his own radio show, Crow in the Morning, he's that entertaining and knowledgeable.

Lynn:  Jim Inhofe
Julia:  Jim Inhofe
Jenni:  Jim Inhofe.  
5th District Congress:
Lynn:  Steve Russell- no doubt the best candidate for this office. In 2011 Jenni and I went to Steve's office at the Capitol and asked him to be the senate author on our first repeal CC bill. Steve agreed. Steve has shown us while he was in the State Senate he will stand up for what he believes.  In his military life he has faced every obstacle and fear. His depth of historical knowledge and his depth of character will represent me well in Washington DC . 
Julia:  Steve Russell. A friend of mine who served with Steve in Afghanistan told me recently, "LTC Russell was the most brilliant leader I ever witnessed on the battlefield..." 
Joy:  Steve Russel
Jenni: Harvey Sparks.  Harvey has the only thing no one in the list of candidates for 5th district has - actual experience in Congress through his previous position in Jim Bridenstine's office.  The beltway isn't the Bible belt.  I want someone who has been there and knows the tricks of the trade to stay one step ahead of them.

4th District Congress:
Joy:  Anna Flat.  
Jenni:  Anna Flat

3rd District Congress:
Lynn:  Robert Hubbard
Julia:  Robert Hubbard.  When I think of men of integrity and character, I think of Mr. Hubbard. I truly admire Robert for his unwavering stand for the truth As Chair of the Canadian County GOP, he is always gracious and allows all the voices to be heard.  Robert will not sell us out for status in companies like Monsanto or call a food stamp bill a farm bill. 
Joy:  Robert Hubbard
Jenni:  Robert Hubbard.  I have known Robert four years.  There is simply not another better man in the world.  It will be to our detriment not to have him working for us in Congress.

2nd District Congress:
Jenni:  Darrel Robertson.  Residents of the district I know believe Markwayne Mullin has not provided them with the representation they hoped.  It's time for a change.

1st District Congress:
Jim Bridenstine is running unopposed in the primary.

District 6 - Senate
Josh Brecheen:  though running unopposed in the primary, he must be re-elected in November.  Without him, Common Core would not have been repealed.

District 22 - Senate
Mark Thomas (Julia and Jenni) Mark is firmly grounded in a vision for individual freedom and responsibility. In talking to him at times regarding our anti-Common Core issues, he always gets the discussion out of the weeds of the rhetoric and back to the main point, which is to stop the central planning from D.C. or for that matter, from OKC. Mark brings the experience of being a business owner to the table, as well as being on the executive committee in the GOP at the County level and was elected as a delegate to the RNC Convention. His experience and knowledge is vastly superior to that of his opponents, and Mark will be a great asset in the Oklahoma Senate.

District 40 - Senate
Steve Kern.  We have all known Steve for years.  I (Jenni) truly believe Steve will do what is best for Oklahomans if elected.  

House District 10 
Randy Barnett.  (Joy and Jenni)  Joy is helping with Randy's campaign.  I have known Randy in some capacity since I can remember (Jenni).  He's always been a stalwart champion of individual rights and the Constitution.

House District 27 
Josh Cockroft.  Cockroft has always been on the side of parents - and especially homseschoolers in Oklahoma.  

House District 43
John Paul Jordan.  (Julia) I go to church with J.P. and his precious wife, Christi, but until he started running for office, I had no idea of his vast accomplishments! He has been a youth pastor, a teacher and is now an attorney. He has already won an injunction to protect a 15 year old girl from being forced to have an abortion. He has successfully helped win an injunction to stop Obamacare in Oklahoma's Christian Universities. He successfully defended two pastors who were arrested and jailed for "preaching without a permit." John Paul Jordan has fought to protect our Christian conservative values in the courts and has even taken on and defeated the ACLU. He has also advised some of the Oklahoma moms in their fight against Barresi's overbearing and damaging reform measures in their children's education. I don't have to wonder what J.P. will fight for in the OK House. He is already

doing it. 

House District 76
David Brumbaugh - Brumbaugh has worked with us for two years to try and craft a data bill that will actually protect student data.  Though we were stopped by the State Department of Education this year, we need to be able to have his expertise in moving forward next year.

House District 79
Lois Jacobs - Jacobs has served on the board of the Tulsa Public Schools for many years.  Her experience in this capacity is invaluable.

House District 87
Jason Nelson - though running unopposed in the primary, Representative Nelson must be re-elected in November.  Nelson was the original author of the Common Core bill.

DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE, TUESDAY JUNE 24. It is IMPERATIVE we make our voices heard in order to be properly REPRESENTED.

Very Sincerely,


Jenni White
Restore Oklahoma Public Education