Mission Statement

The Revelstoke Paddlesport Association was formed to bring together the nomadic paddlers of our community. Our goals are to promote paddling in Revelstoke by providing programs and equipment, organizing events, promoting safe practices and developing and maintaining water access and infrastructure for the public. As paddlesport enthusiasts, we advocate to preserve and protect free flowing, clean, healthy waterways. 

Upcoming Events
Description: Film Night, Intermediate + Expert Races, Beginner – Advanced Clinics, Awards + Celebration
Date: AUGUST 10 –13th

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DAVID THOMPSON PADDLESPORT CLASSIC Description: Paddle from Mica Dam to Revelstoke Dam along our beautiful Lake Revelstoke.
Date: AUGUST 18 – 20th

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Meeting: July 24th 2017
@ Selkirk Gardens Common Room


Directors Present: Bill Pollock, Katrina Van Wijk, Clancy Boettger

Members Present: Diane Pollock, Jessica Nicol, Sam Bouchard, Ari Bruns, Freeman Wasdal


5:30 Welcome 

5:35 Call to order

5:36 David Thompson Paddlesport Classic: August 18-20th

Registrations: 11 registered

Sponsors: over $8000 total, Goal: $10,000

Prizes: wooden medals (engraved)

Marketing: Facebook , Posters

6:30 Jordan River Festival: August 10-13th

Schedule (see attached): Film Night, Clinics, Races, Dinner, Party

Food: Saturday Night Dinner + Snacks

Sponsors: Wild Flight Farm, ZET Kayaks, Monashee Distillery, FSS, Selkirk Graphics, Valhalla Pure, Wild Blue Yonder, Flexpeditions, Tits Deep, Bierhaus, Tree Construction

Insurance: CKBC, must have everyone fill out a waiver w/ e-mail and pay

Shuttles: Wild Blue Yonder + Flexpeditions? [w/ trailer] Jordan River and Illecillewaet River

6:45 No new business

Moved by Katrina, seconded by Diane that the next meeting be on August 7th, 5:30pm, Selkirk Gardens Common Room. Carried.

There being no further business the President adjourned the meeting at 6:45 pm.


Please contact the respective person to volunteer.

Jordan River Festival

August 11 – 13th 2017

Venue (Brush, Toilet, Stage)

Food (Sponsors, Menu, Snacks)

Drinks (Beer, Pop, Liquor)


Race (Timing, Safety, Organizing)


**Contact: Koby Trinker (250) 550-5129 + Katrina Van Wijk (613) 299-2819

David Thompson Paddlesport Classic

Aug 18–20th 2017

Marketing: Posters, Share Facebook Event, Spread the word!

Days of race: safety, marshall, timers

**Contact: Bill Pollock (250) 814-7473

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